From Nam to Pandora. The Coffee Break: 27 April 2015.

Hello folks;


Well I have reinstalled Borderlands 2 after nearly four months of rest time from that game. Suffice it to say the online community is still alive and well; plenty of games to join in both normal mode and true vault hunter mode. Indeed I am still fighting in Vietnam (BFBC 2 Vietnam), but every once in a while this grunt needs some time to himself – whether or not bandit-hunting is considered time off is up to the reader in question.

BC 2 Vietnam 2 flamer

Lately the servers for Vietnam have been empty on some days, with other days having player counts ranging from 4 v 4, up to the full 32 player count (16 v 16). While technically not dead, the amount of people playing daily is not as high as vanilla Bad Company – it’s in the stage of certain game nights are Vietnam nights. Should you folks ever purchase Bad Company 2 on Steam or Origin (if you don’t own the game on PC already), I highly recommend the Vietnam DLC – the content is different enough to feel as though it is a separate game, but without the steep sixty-dollar price tag. Thanks to that game, I have been reading up on the Vietnam War (in particular the US involvement), and drinking in the tunes from that era – the ones that I can picture US soldiers listening to anyways while deployed over there. Songs like: “It’s Soul time” by Anders Lewen are quite entertaining, and help immerse the player into the time period when the NVA fought the US Army.


Moving along, Pandora hasn’t changed much – still the good old Borderlands 2 gameplay with the same old humor that we have become used to these days. Now I am tempted to get the Pre-sequel, but after reading through the forums on whether or not people still play Borderlands 2, suddenly I’m not so keen on rushing to take out my wallet. According to several steam threads, the Pre-sequel wasn’t as popular – and still isn’t as popular – as Borderlands 2 with all of its DLC released and available for a single price (lower if on sale too) is much more enticing. How interesting, but then again it works to my advantage as I own Borderlands 2 and still have a desire to play the game alongside classics like Team Fortress 2, Bad Company 2, and so on (I call them “classics” based on the number of hours played – presently it’s in the hundreds).

borderlands 2 Zero


Yes indeed folks it is a slow day for news – but then again you didn’t come here JUST for the news, right (viewer count dropping)? Humor aside, apart from Valve doing the whole paid mods scheme, and the Battlefront trailer, there is not a whole lot for me to go on about. Anyways I best be off before this drags on forever, so here is where I leave you. Take care out there folks, and I shall see you next time.


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