Tribes Ascend is painful. The Coffee Break: 29 April 2015.

Woke up this morning and had an argument with my own mind. You know those days where you wake up, you have the alarm set just like any other day, and normally you would wake up and get on with your day. Instead today I found myself paralyzed as my mind kept falling back asleep – like I was in a cryo-stasis format. Nevertheless, afterwards I resumed my work on Tribes Ascend where I had to verify the game files (the thing wouldn’t spin up the previous evening, and since it was near sleep time I decided to resume work the next morning).

Tribes Ascend 1

Well what can I say about Tribes; there’s still a community albeit a heck of a lot smaller than it was before, and I have lost all ability to do any damage in the game. Suffice it to say there was quite a learning curve, and I found myself in a situation where it was more deaths than kills (which isn’t saying much as I make no statements about being the world’s best FPS player), it was embarrassing! Then again, perhaps this game is not for me anymore – the dog-fight style combat really is not what I like, and sure I appreciate mobility in an FPS title as opposed to the lead foot combat of Gears of War and so on (making an example: I actually enjoy Gears), but the game is just too fast for my liking. Everyone is flying all over the place thereby making it impossible to land a hit, and there is no real feedback as to your actions. Then again, Tribes was never meant to be this pseudo-realistic combat FPS – it was meant to be completely wild and fast-paced.


Perhaps I am finally narrowing down the genre of games I like to play; perhaps I am finally finding out what works and what does not. Like racing games and bejeweled games, Tribes might soon enter that category where it just is not for me, period. The game is gorgeous, and the art work is great, but I cannot knock out the feeling that this title is something I cannot get into, at least not quickly. Perhaps more time is needed for me to achieve playable status – a status where I can actually hurt something, rather than just loose off a few rounds, and get killed every single time. Anyways folks that’s all I have for today – have a good rest of the day, and I shall see you all next time.


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