When the Skyfa- I mean Skyrim Mods! The Coffee Break: 28 April 2015.

Hello folks,


Valve has removed the Paid mods feature for Skyrim. Now I won’t bore you with the details (but I will link the IGN video to you), but this was coming – everyone saw it. When the community went up in arms over the system, and when Valve’s creator Gabe Newell went on Reddit to address concerns over the system it was nearly the end of the project so to speak.


Perhaps now that they have tried a particular method and it failed, maybe they will add in a donation feature instead; one that splits the income fifty-fifty so that the creator gets a fair share, while Valve can take twenty five percent, and give the other twenty five percent to Bethesda. They probably will not do it, but here’s hoping they might.

Moving along, Vietnam DLC – I know I said it before but good god is it awesome! Now last night I tried to play vanilla Bad Company, but after enjoying the flamethrower to death, I just could not get back into the swing of things. Perhaps the 870 shotgun might be of some help as I have now earned slugs with the weapon, but even then it just does not feel the same. What can I say, flamethrowers are awesome – they are unique, much like playing Zero in Borderlands 2 in a pseudo-melee assault style akin to Krieg. Getting up close and personal with the enemy, and then turning them into charred remains is a lot more entertaining than simply dropping them with a few shots to the chest.


Anyways folks I just wanted to throw this quick one out there before I return to Nam and kick some ass (blasted: “Tusken Raiders” ruining the fun with their insanely long range shots). Take care out there, and I shall see you next time.



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