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A quick update. 19 June 2015

Hello folks,


Unfortunately because I am preparing for a 12-hour night shift, I am unable to write the second E3 report for this blog. Apologies for any inconvenience it may have caused, however work takes priority over non-essential activities like blog writing per se.


Shame too, Square Enix had some good titles, likewise Nintendo held a pretty decent conference with little issues. Being mainly a stream and all, and with no stage, Nintendo manages to deliver a solid performance year after year with this format. Though to be honest I would prefer a live stage and so on, but each company is different.


This has been a quick update folks; again apologies for the lack of the promised second E3 update, but life marches on and so must we all. Take care out there folks, and I’ll see you next time.


Let’s talk E3 2015.

Hello folks,


Yes yes I know: “Writer where have you been? We missed you (no you don’t (humor intended))!” Well work takes a lot out of you, and indeed if there is little to talk about, then there is little reason to write articles. Yet fear not readers, E3 is upon us and I have sifted through all of the conferences to gather some thoughts and topics to discuss here with you today: show time.


Bethesda; oh Doom looks amazing! Indeed I am very excited for Doom; growing up with Doom 1 and 2 when I was younger, I was disappointed with Doom 3 when your character felt vulnerable and weak against the hordes of hell. Yet what I saw in the supposed gameplay demo (I am skeptical as footage from past conferences in general tended to be very polished up in order to sell the game) showed a marine who was not only tough enough to survive the environments on Mars, but also was not this weak: “hide-behind cover, take pot-shots” sort of soldier – no he was in your face: “I will massacre you – I will **** you up” sort of character. With a return to the “traditional” marine, I am excited for Doom.



Now we all know that Fallout 4 was the star of the show for Bethesda (I think), but I wish to move right into Microsoft’s press conference to save some time (also because I don’t want to ride the hype train for Fallout 4). There were a lot of exclusives for Xbox One, though Rise of the Tomb Raider could easily go from exclusive to non-exclusive as time passes (also because fans are spread out across platforms, and antagonizing them is generally not a good idea). Indeed it seems Xbox has invested in quite a lot of new ideas in order to broaden the appeal of their new console, and throwing in backwards compatibility makes life more interesting. All those 360 games I have invested time into can now finally be played on the new system – it will make the countless hours and dollars invested into the games not feel like a waste. Note that at launch, the backwards compatibility will only feature 30 to start – this is from memory of course so feel free to check the details online when you have the time.


Halo 5 Guardians – for some reason it felt like Halo 4 but with new characters. Sure I enjoy Halo, and indeed I will play that game sometime in the future after release, but I just was not as excited for Halo 5 as I was for Ghost Recon Wildlands, Hitman, Tomb Raider, and Just Cause 3. Gears 4 however I am looking forward to; the female squadmate I recognize from the comic series, so that will be a refreshing take on things. Though the game is set to release in 2016, therefore we will know more down the road rather than now; all they will give us is just a tease of things to come down the road.


Ubisoft; I am sick of Assassin’s Creed so I will not touch on that. Yet what I will touch on however is the new Ghost Recon game – Ghost Recon Wildlands. That title looks amazing; open world, special forces sent in to take out drug cartels in Bolivia – its my spec ops fantasy come to life. Now I will admit right here, I was wowed by the trailer, so take what I say on this game with a grain of salt. The game with all of its options of approach to take out an objective was just outstanding, and indeed I will throw money at Ubisoft for that game – within reasonable limits of course, I still need to eat.

Ghost Recon Wildlands logo

Now before I continue, at the time of writing this article I am watching the EA Conference recording as I missed it live on Monday. Therefore a second article will be written about that conference as well as a couple others not included in this post.


Right onto the next topic, Sony’s press conference. Suffice it to say I am not much of a Playstation fan, however I do enjoy the games that they produce nonetheless. The Last Guardian looked amazing, but the real “steak” for me was No Man’s Sky. Wow what a treat it was to watch that presentation; the stunning imagery of that game is just a sight to behold. Indeed Sony has done itself a favor by supporting this developer – ambition leads the way, and I am certain it will pay off for them in the long run.

No mans sky image 1

Horizon: Zero Dawn looks incredible; a new take on the post-apocalypse setting where machines are wild beasts and humans are tech-enhanced hunters, this game holds a mountain’s worth of promise. This premise I like, having to endure countless sorrow tales in the past (most of which I avoided, period), its nice to see a tale set in a post-apocalypse setting in which humanity pseudo-survives and just moves on into the next chapter. Though the later generations in that universe wonder what happened to the “old ones,” they are not utterly helpless, dirty, and without hope. Rather they have just “restarted,” and are hunting machine animals which is an interesting concept.

Horizon Zero Dawn PS4

This game is published by Guerrilla Games who made the Killzone series, and it is a nice and welcome change. This might just be the game that causes me to invest in a Playstation 4 – hopefully this title works out, because we are often disappointed when trailers and so-called gameplay demos make something look appetizing, only to have the final product ruin our hopes and dreams as it falls apart on launch day, and fails to stand on its own afterwards.


Finally we have Uncharted 4; it’s more Uncharted. Sure I know it is the Playstation’s most anticipated game thus far, but I am undecided at this point. Honesty is key here, and I will acknowledge that I have not played any of the Uncharted games, only hands-on demos at various retail stores here in Canada. Suffice it to say I just am not interested in the title – to each their own.


Okay that’s my take on these conferences – I will make another post talking about both the Nintendo Press Conference, as well as EA’s conference which I have paused to finish this article. Now if you will excuse me I will resume play and collect my thoughts on that show for later; thank you all for reading folks, and I shall see you next time.

Oh and I almost forgot; Square Enix will be with the next segment as well – I know you people would light Dubai on fire if you didn’t read about Square Enix (I hope not, but hey some people are “different” (humor intended)).