Mobile gaming, and the Fallen Empire. The Coffee Break 14 August 2015.

Well, this is a rather nice surprise – mobile gaming turning out to be somewhat satisfactory. Sure the games may not be as stimulating as Battlefield Bad Company 2, or The Witcher 3, but it is something to play with to pass the time (though it annoys me that some games require internet connections when you are only fighting AI – to hell with microtransactions). Some game formulas work well on mobile such as card games, side scrollers, top-down games, and so on. Titles like Drop Assault, Hearthstone, and Warhammer Quest I have found to be the most entertaining there is on the smart phone. Indeed they help to pass the time, and offer something different even at home when I am bored with my steam games.


In other news, there has been talk coming out of the theory machine regarding The Old Republic’s latest expansion The Fallen Empire in that you may actually be able to join this new faction. Your character whom is a veteran of the previous war between the Republic and the Sith Empire awakens to find that the galaxy has changed since they were last awake. Indeed this option ought to be interesting as I do wish to join this new Empire; witnessing their combat style I want to be part of an Empire that respects martial traditions, and can successfully blend old phalanx tactics with new technology. Not sure what I mean by this statement? Check out their trailer in the link below to see what I mean regarding the Fallen Empire’s battle tactics.


This has been the writer, and I shall see you next time (Hi-ho, hi-ho – it’s off to work I go).


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