Good candidates will pass, no matter what.

Traditionally my faith in the Mounties stems from their equal treatment of all applicants – every candidate goes through the same steps regardless of background. Now it seems they wish to cater to the University graduate demographic by allowing them to bypass the Entrance Exam. Stated on their website (the link to the page I will provide below) under: “Do I need to write the RCMP Entrance Exam (RPAB)?” it reads: “if you possess a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university, you will not be required to write the RCMP Entrance Exam (RPAB).” They keywords here being: “you will not be required to…”


Last I checked, the good candidates – that is the dedicated ones – can write the exam regardless of education background AND PASS. No it seems whoever is in charge of things upstairs decided it would be a great idea to create a bypass, a way for some paper-totting, self-absorbed prick to walk past what can be considered to be a good equalizer. Now if the Mounties wanted to do what the military does and have Officers and Enlisted, fine I support that. Yet even in the military Officer candidates MUST write entrance exams AND pass fitness testing. You want to lead the best a nation has to offer? You will have to be BETTER than them to prove that you are up to the task (example: Royal Marine Officers have higher requirements than Royal Marine recruits).


Royal Marines (UK) main page:

Royal Marines Officer Training:


Royal Marines Commando Training:



What were they thinking, that a degree holder is somehow magically capable of doing all the things they look for and test on the RPAB just because they took a course and most likely plagiarized half the material? Why make it easier for some and not others – what message are you trying to send to the general public looking to serve this country?


The application process is designed to funnel out undesirable candidates, but taking away a hurdle for some and keeping it for others is utter nonsense – a two-tier system. Either make it mandatory for all to write the exam, or throw it out the window – none of this “special treatment” garbage. Degree holder or not, if they want to serve, and are really set on serving, they will pass – simple as that. This: “oh hey kid, here let me make it easier for you and take away the Entrance Exam” will only result in a lesser candidate entering the force over a superior candidate who can successfully pass ALL the steps of the process, and further ruining the reputation that is already badly tarnished; but hey why clean up things when you can just leave it as it is right?


When you figure things out let me know, until then I will tough it out like a proper recruit and write the damn entrance exam FOR OTHER DEPARTMENTS; you can take in as many ill-mannered, self-absorbed, spray-tan frat boys and frat girls who possess an over-inflated sense of self worth as you like and see how that works out for you.


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