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Guns, games, and a whole lot of fun: The Coffee Break 23 Jan 2016.

Hello my dearly beloved readers, how are we all today?


Well I figure it was time to do a bit of writing, and what better than to discuss some guns and games (because both make life great). Lately I have developed a taste for military surplus firearms, and after several months of endless thinking, I finally invested in a nice bolt-action Mosin Nagant with bayonet. Suffice it to say I am starting to like bolt actions along with lever actions and break actions – pump being at the bottom of the list and semi-automatics are not even considered for the time being. The reasons for this is because I like something that is low-tech, and easy to clean – like a car a gun should not bankrupt you but rather enhance your lifestyle so to speak. Semi-autos tend to require quite a lot of oiling and cleaning on a regular basis, whereas a lever action or a bolt action requires work here and there (especially after shooting), but otherwise they are not too much trouble to keep (break-actions are self-explanatory; being a simple double-barrel tube that breaks near the action to load in the next shotgun shells).


Having the bayonet fixed is quite the game changer – indeed the heavy attachment can affect one’s accuracy as they struggle with the weight while holding the firing position to line up their shots. Now being who I am (that is utterly obsessed with rifles with bayonets) I refuse to let that fact stop me from putting accurate shots down range. Challenge is good, and indeed it is rewarding to be able to say: “I can accurately hit my target with the bayonet fixed.”

Swedish Imperial Infantry charge 2

Moving along, I have been playing a lot of Titanfall as of late. The game is quite entertaining despite my disappointment with the lack of a story. Sure I wanted to see more story-driven content, but the universe in which the game is set in is meant to be a backdrop to the action that is going on in the foreground. Still, one can wonder what if they actually added more story-based fights into their attrition mode – something akin to an episodic series where each week they would rotate in a few maps (I have all the maps thanks to a sale on Xbox Live marketplace) and have specific dialogue enter for either win or lose matches; from there it is a matter of how the players fight that determines which dialogue/map choice enters the field.



Titanfall was worth the money to say the least, but keep in mind I am measuring it a good few years after release – at this point everything is available, and without the season pass nonsense or the whole: “pay us another 30 dollars on top of your 70 (so to speak) for the whole experience!” The problem with pre-orders can be summed up by Totalbiscuit’s video on pre-orders – so long as people keep paying into the pot, the companies will keep doing what they do in order to squeeze money out of you, plain and simple. Keep in mind that I could have mis-quoted Totalbiscuit on his video, but whatever the case I stand by what I said.



Alright folks, apologies if it feels like a shock attack, but I have nothing further to say on either topics (apart from that I am really enjoying both the rifle and the games). This concludes the Coffee Break for the 23 of January 2016 – have a safe rest of the weekend, and I shall see you next time.


Still alive.

Hello dear readers,


Surprised to see me? Well you know the saying: “life marches on,” and indeed it has been one hell of a fourth quarter and new years on my end. Firstly I am happy to report that I am now part of the current generation of consoles – a shiny Xbox One graces my quarters, and with it a whole plethora of games with which to spend my rainy afternoons.


Lately I have had an obsession with close quarters combat; from Witcher 3, to Dragon Age Inquisition, to Gears of War 3 and Judgement – nothing can keep me back from my need to use blades against the enemy forces that stand before me. Silver, steel; it matters not the material so long as it goes through the enemy and/or takes away a limb or two from them.

Swedish Imperial Infantry charge 2

Now seeing as how time is a precious commodity, I shan’t spend anymore of it on pointless talk (let’s get to the point): this blog will remain active for those of you curious. However with that said, due to time budgeting, a lack of conversation topics, and of course the need to prioritize, a regular posting of articles here on Thoughts and Topics will change to an infrequent pattern. This means that from here on in until I deem otherwise, it may be a few weeks before the next update – it would also depend on whether or not there is something to talk about to begin with.


Ultimately Thoughts and Topics will continue to exist, albeit at a “reserve” role as things on my end are evolving and I must evolve with them in order to keep myself from being overwhelmed. Hopefully you all understand, and will stick around as we move onto the next chapter of this epic saga (I think). More to come folks, but until then this has been the writer, and I shall see you next time.