Helldivers! Spreading Managed Democracy across the stars!!

Helldivers a twin-stick shooter that was first released on the PS4 before coming to the PC platform; honestly this is the first twin-stick shooter that I enthusiastically jumped into with both feel firmly secured in the drop pod. The game runs quite well on older hardware as I ran it with just the minimum settings and it worked fine, plus or minus a few connection issues online. Now the game has you fight three factions across the stars in the name of Super Earth, but everyone (basically everyone who plays this has seen/read Starship Troopers) goes after the bugs – the other two factions are fought on occasion but it seems the bugs are the most active and popular out of the three (go figure).

Helldivers image 1

Gameplay-wise it is pretty much what you would expect from a top-down twin-stick shooter, you point your weapon at the enemy and hopefully they explode (some of the bigger bugs have tough-as-tank armour shells so they will take a lot more to kill). Multiplayer matches can be quite hectic as your camera really does not focus on you as an individual but rather the entire party, forcing you to jump between targets and your ammo count which does not replenish itself until you physically hit the reload button (an interesting feature).


The feeling of being surrounded by overwhelming enemy forces hits home hard when you first make landfall which – sadly – does not come often, and to which I enjoy immensely. Design-wise the game looks quite appetizing – not shiny like the Witcher 3, but not dull and outdated like – say – Starcraft 1 (watch, people will throw in comments like: “I’ll have you know that I was able to modify the source code and update the graphics to look like…”). The missions that take place can range from walks in the park, to: “oh my god my face is melting and the enemy has just eaten my comrades,” which some people will like, and others will hate. These mission difficulties vary based on geography by the way, so the extremely hard stuff cannot be adjusted and the easy cake-eaters are the same story – you will just have to fight your way through the missions if you wanted to finish them all.


Would I recommend Helldivers? Absolutely; anyone looking for a fun, Starship Troopers-inspired game that is not too costly and can offer plenty of replay value should give Helldivers a shot. However for people looking for a top-of-the-line shooter and are happy to cough up 84 dollars, you might want to wait until the Division comes out, or until the next Battlefield or Call of Duty enters the field. This has been the Writer, and I shall see you next time.


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