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Of course it’s doom and gloom.

Hello folks;


Recently I read an article from the talking about how Generation Y suffers from poor economic conditions, and how we are worse off than our parents were when they were young. Titled: “Revealed: the 30-year economic betrayal dragging down Generation Y’s income,” the article spits out a few studies, and goes on about the same old story that many of us capable of thinking and remembering have read, watched, and heard over the past few years.


Yes yes the situation is grim at the moment, we do not need another news agency to preach to the converted. Yet what bothers me is not this article in particular, rather it is the constant flow of reports, but no action to follow up. Endless discussions, reports, studies, and lectures – all talk, and no action. That’s what people are good at these days, talking. Instead of taking action, politicians talk; instead of a university stepping up and organizing some sort of plan to help – be it more accessible programs, lower costs for students, and so on, they puke out studies – more talk.


Here’s a few solutions, economic incentives for employers to hire people, national projects (highway repairs, railroad repairs, construction of key facilities, national park cleaning crews etc), armed forces recruitment (especially here in Canada where our landmass and resources demands we have a larger military to cover key areas), provincial projects (same as national minus the landmass coverage), municipal projects (you get the idea), and other initiatives that come down the road. Expensive you say? War bonds ladies and gentlemen, war bonds! Get the nation to rise up and take the reins to their destiny by selling “war bonds” (you could re-name them something else to reflect the nature of what they are, but for convenience purposes I will use war bonds); that way we raise money for these efforts, and with it we can also build up a sense of national unity and pride. With these projects, people in small towns, large cities, and small little icebergs (humor intended) can roll up their sleeves and get back to work.


Now this plan is far from perfect, but it’s a spark – an idea, which is better than having absolutely nothing in mind, and returning to the one thing that keeps us chained, talk. Keep talking suits; sooner or later the clouds will begin to pour down acid rain, and when it does you will wish you had built up proper mechanisms to prevent and drain the acid rain away. Thanks for reading folks, and I shall see you next time.

Article from the Guardian: