We now have neither the unity nor strength to repel them.

Canada as a nation seems to lack two critical items that would enable it to survive external aggression: unity and strength. Lately our present government has decided to cut defense spending, all the while the country’s society seems to lose more and more of its unifying aspects in favor of whatever makes people feel good. When you ask people (at least the average person) what makes them Canadian, you get a consumer product (beer), a sport (hockey), and nothing else. People seem to form their own enclaves and stick to their own little groups, where they neither use one of the two official languages of this country, nor talk about how to improve their lives here on Canadian soil (well, apart from making money by whatever means necessary).


Now our military – the slogan for the Canadian Forces presently is: “strong, proud, ready.” Strong? Sure, from a certain point of view that is – without the numbers, however, we cannot cover ground on our own. Proud? Yes I would agree with that, after all only those who are proud to say “Canadian” before whatever else usually enlist. Ready? For small-scale conflicts or low-intensity operations sure – though this seems to be the tempo for today’s armed forces.


Our military now faces a reduced budget, paused or cancelled projects (no word on those new warships previously promised under the Conservative government), and our veterans have received less-than-adequate treatment (a legacy of the Conservatives). However the key issue I want to address here is numbers; in order to effectively take on our missions, and to provide Canadians with a credible defense force, we need the numbers to make it happen. Now can we divide this expense evenly among the provinces? Absolutely, just look at Russia and their internal troops. Yet with a lack of government commitment, and a lack of commitment from the citizenry, I am afraid that this is but a dream at best. Without a sense of unity, and without the government’s willingness to pursue a vision of a stronger armed forces, I am afraid that when foreign powers look to Canada as a potential colony, source of revenue, or vassal state, we will be powerless to stop them. Without regular force troops here in British Columbia, we will be unable to stop an amphibious landing as our reservists will not be able to mobilize in time to repel the enemy attack. The fleet will be overwhelmed, and by the time our allies mobilize to aid us (or our own armed forces reaches this part of the country) the enemy will have dug in, and the casualty rates will cause Ottawa to question whether it is beneficial to keep fighting for BC, or whether it is better to cut their losses and sign the surrender document(s).

We neither have the unity, nor strength to repel them.

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