Part-time is best time?

Now here’s something I thought I would never consider – part time being better than full time. Earlier in the day I came across a comment on one of my articles (I will leave the writer of the comment anonymous for privacy reasons), and this thought occurred to me: “if I earned the same amount of money working part time as I did working full time, perhaps part time would be better?”


Now the context of the comment (to avoid confusion) was that some Millennials preferred part time work over full time work for a reasons including having more time to build upon relationships with family and friends. This in turn sparked an idea in my mind, so I crunched the numbers on my end, and it turns out that if I worked part time (different source, different industry), I would earn slightly more than what I am earning now working full time: fascinating.


Working smarter not harder has been a common theme in my research, and it seems that the concept could very well become a reality on my end – you do know what this means, right dear readers? More blog updates for you folks – that’s right! More content for you lovely readers out there with your coffees and your smug satisfied Lannister grins (humor intended); but in all seriousness I would be a lot happier to write more – this aspect in my life has been sorely lacking.


Well folks, I guess I am off to look at another path to take – something to consider when you are crunching your own numbers, but each traveler must take the path best suited for them. Until next time folks, take care.


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