Chaingun fun. The Coffee Break 19 April 2016.

The past few months the Xbox One has been the primary device with which I game. While gaming on PC is still a common phenomenon, it is becoming less and less – for a lack of a better word – “frequent,” by which I mean I am hitting a bit of a dead end when it comes to PC games. The hardware I currently use is nearly six years old; this puts a lot of triple A titles and some Indie titles out of my capabilities. The game Battlefleet Gothic Armada was one such game that I wanted to play but could not support it with my current hardware. Perhaps in the near future I will invest in a new machine, but I am reluctant to simply dispose of a device that has served me well with little failures up to this point.


Thus we are here with the Xbox One, and the main title in question is Titanfall. Now in-game I am completely maxed out in terms of levels, so it is purely the spectacle of combat that keeps me entrenched on the frontier. Now I don’t know about you readers out there, but I often find the Chaingun (XOTBR-16 Chaingun) to be the most fun to use in Titanfall. Sure the Autocannon (I have a thing for ballistic weaponry) is quite nice, and the burst-fire mechanic helps increase rate of fire, but the Chaingun has a certain appeal – squeezing down the trigger one can put rounds down range accurately and can chip away at an enemy’s shields quite rapidly as opposed to having to line up shots with a limited magazine capacity, of which the enemy (especially when using an energy weapon) can return fire and do – at times – significantly more damage to you before you can land a shot.



The sound design of the Chaingun is also quite enthralling; just the constant sustained fire makes the Chaingun something that keeps the user enthusiastically engaged even at the last possible second when the Titan is on fire and you are about to eject. The metallic: “thud thud thud,” is a middle ground because it doesn’t sound as light as the R-101C Carbine, nor as heavy as the 40mm cannon (a.k.a. the Autocannon). Ultimately it is something that is akin to Cotton Candy – it is light and tasty and you want more after each bite. Next time you are in-game, try turning up the volume and listening to the Chaingun’s rapid fire and see if you can spot the “middle ground,” no guarantees you’ll like it, but maybe – just maybe – you’ll find it interesting.


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