Drafting of women into the military.

There has been quite a few articles coming from Military.com lately discussing US Lawmakers and their proposal to include women in the draft. Now the Lawmaker who proposed this stated that he was against women serving in the front line combat roles like infantry, but he wanted to force a conversation about women and their role in the society at large by introducing this bill; surprisingly (to him) the bill managed to gain quite a bit of approval from the majority of house representatives who talk of equal rights, equal treatment.


This is a very positive step in the right direction, indeed equal treatment means equal responsibilities. Serving a country should not be limited to the male population, for it is unpatriotic to exclude people based on race (circa 1914 to early 1915, and then in 1939 to 1944 depending on country in question), or gender (ie: present conscription laws). Women should bear the responsibility of citizenship much like a male citizen is expected to, for a citizen as a noun is gender neutral and thus everyone should be liable to be called up in times of national crisis.


Indeed there are exceptions; even during the two world wars there were what is called: “reserved occupations,” where men were prevented from enlisting because their jobs were of vital importance to the war effort (ie: farming, coal mining, munitions production, etc). Still, I say sign every able-bodied CITIZEN up to the selective service program and have the bureaucracy sort them out into specific roles – I am 100% in favor of equal treatment, but I am also 100% in favor of equal responsibilities. Time to break away from traditional men and women roles in the wider society at large, and embrace choice and duty, for a nation that cannot harness its citizen’s strength to tackle challenges will fall and fade into the pages of history (if history deems them worthy of remembrance).

House panel approves measure to require women to register for draft (Latest article):


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