So smooth!

Yes yes I know, the title is closer to click-bait than an actual proper title: well tough. Earlier today (Saturday 7 May 2016), I hopped onto my Xbox One to play Battlefield 4 for the first time on a console. Now up until this point my experience with the Battlefield series was mainly on PC: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield 4. The initial shock and awe – if you will – that I experienced was: “wow, this game runs really smooth!” Now as much as I pride myself on making games run on low settings on my machine, I was still amazed at how smooth the title ran on a console. Now there is all sorts of elements that factor into it, but for 9.99 CAD it was a pretty decent grab from a Friday night of browsing through the marketplace.


Well I can honestly say that the game is a lot more enjoyable with higher frame rates. On my current rig, the game barely runs, and when it does it is often at 15 frames per second – barely playable if that. Now imagine you’re facing an enemy player who can run the game at a higher frame rate, and can therefore react faster – kinda sucks when they can farm you for kills like a pen full of chickens while you attempt to adjust your play style to cope with the new reality.


Everything else is still the same; guns, gadgets, and so on – nothing new in that department. Player base is still strong, with myself easily able to find full 64-player maps to get my game on.


I am conflicted readers, on one hand I adore PC gaming, but on the other I am really enjoying my Xbox One – maybe this is because my rig is 5, going on 6, years old and the hardware is starting to show its age. If I recall correctly, the same pattern of thought happened to me with the 360 and the PC when I did the phase-shift per se. Definitely I enjoy being a hybrid gamer with options, but for today – and just today – I will go all in with the Xbox One and drink in the fun that is Battlefield 4 until either I need to use the bathroom, I get hungry, or I feel like taking a nap – whichever comes first. Anyways folks, happy Saturday to you all, and I shall see you next time.


P.S. it’s mother’s day on Sunday, do something special for that lovely lady who gave life to you and raised you up from the ground – unless they are abusive, threw you out, and never wanted to associate themselves with you; in that case: “INTO THE MOTHERLAND THE GERMAN ARMY MARCHED!” I mean, go hang out with friends……. #RedOrchestra2Gametime (humor intended).

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