They won’t do a thing.

I don’t know about the situation of housing where you folks live out there in the world, but in British Columbia – specifically the major metropolitan areas of Greater Vancouver and Greater Victoria – there is something akin to a crisis when it comes to housing. Vancouver in particular (alongside Toronto, but we are focusing on the west coast for today’s post) has seen house prices rise and rise with no end in sight. Now I can sit here and write an entire piece on the situation, but my main goal today is to talk about why all three levels of government will not lift a finger until it is far too late (and even then they can shrug and walk away).


Property taxes are a stream of revenue for all three levels of government. The municipal government gets a cut of the pie, the provincial authorities do as well, and finally the federal government sees a good portion of that delicious revenue pie with gravy – directly or indirectly. Therefore why would they lift a finger to curb the rising house prices when the more a house is worth the more taxes they can collect?

People have been calling on the three levels of government to do something, and yet all we get is lip service: “oh we are looking into it,” or “oh this is indeed a serious issue, and I think we need to work together to find a solution,” or my personal favourite: “our cabinet is doing everything in their power to find a solution to this issue.” Sure “Loudspeakers,” sure you will find a solution – when you’re retired and sitting on a porch looking at the massive pyramid slum-cities the commoners live in you will still be giving the same lip service you have given to the people when you were in power.

Face it folks, they won’t lift a finger to do anything about this situation; look at cities like Hong Kong, London and so on – their excuse: “world-class cities equals world-class prices.” This, dear readers, can be perceived as the start of the new planetary elite: similar to the Warhammer 40,000 universe, planetary elite make up 10% of the population, but hold the most wealth and power of the entire planet. The rest of the commoners who live and toil in massive, overcrowded hive cities are left in their worlds while the elite talk about Imperial affairs and drink away the equivalent of monthly salaries.

Endless studies done by universities, think-tanks, and so on, and yet we see no real action – sadly we lack the threatening muzzle of an officer’s pistol to induce the political elites to do anything remotely useful in this world of ours. At least in the Imperium a planetary governor can be shot on the spot for failing to provide for the people of the Imperium, and the planetary elite can see their holdings seized for failure to take concrete action – the wealth and materials sent to the Imperial war efforts where it is needed the most.

No, we need to adopt a new approach to our leadership; Imperial Commissars can use the authority they are blessed with to execute leaders for incompetence – that would be a good motivator, wouldn’t you say? Now if some of you soft-hearted folks out there are turned off by this technique, you need not worry – there is over 4 billion humans on this earth, and leaders can be recruited and trained just like any other job position. In time there will develop a cadre of strong leaders who will take hold and take action – on that day we will see our people rise into the stars and beyond.

Until real action occurs, we are left to our incompetent leadership, and to the mercy of an economy that will crush this young generation and leave nothing standing for us to inherit say for our good health and fantasies.

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