Generation warfare.

Let’s be blunt for this one – people dislike the younger generation. Blanket term? Perhaps. Yet today while eating lunch I overheard a conversation about millennials – the usual complaints could be heard: “they aren’t buying houses no more, ” “they’re not focusing on the right things no more,” and my personal favourite: “they’re driving fancy cars – they must be lazy.”

Okay sure, I get the fancy car bit; plenty of families have sent their wealth and children over to Canada, leaving little in the way of discipline as they use father’s cash to purchase fast cars and spend late nights out on town partying. Indeed in a municipality just north of the Fraser river I see that often, nothing new there. Yet I wonder if people ever truly stop to think, stopping to think that because of the extravagant expense a house could incur that young people chose to concentrate on other objectives until the storm passes? What the previous generation valued was different than our current generation, as is the economic and social environment with which we grew up in and are attempting to establish ourselves.

Yet I remember Jingles from a Youtube channel mention this and it holds true to this day; the older generation will ALWAYS complain about the younger generation. When Jingles was in the Royal Navy, he mentioned in one of his videos that they were presented with some audio files from back in the day and asked if they agreed with it. The audio file was about the younger generation, and how they were this and that; all the sailors nodded in agreement as if it were nothing. Yet when the date of recording was presented the personnel were shocked – the audio file was from some World War 1 vets talking about recruits in the mid 1920s. Imagine that, the mid 1920s, a good 14 years approximately before the start of the Second World War, yet they still had the same old complaints as do our older folks today.

Take heart my friends, leave them to complain and shout – this war will be won with actions, and not words. Let us carve our a niche for ourselves, and fight for our right to exist on this planet in a happy, enlightened state – fear not the shouts and orders of the relics past, for we will win through no matter the cost. The older generation will always declare war on the unfamiliar, let us retaliate in turn and show them that the younger generation has the fighting spirit they so sorely lack in this day and age to survive and prosper.

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