Human Resources departments = useless.

Sure some of you out there may be thinking (based on the title): “I work HR, I’m hard working!” Well claps for you, but these lazy crappers aren’t you, are they? No they are the individuals who call you to talk about a job posting you applied for, and then NEVER answer the phone again. “But writer, shouldn’t you answer the phone then the first time?” One, what if I’m driving – that’s a 5000.00 fine and 3 demerit points. Two, if I’m showering or finishing up after using the toilet, what am I supposed to do, assume a half-squat position and pick up the phone with my dirty hands? Yeah, like that will ever happen.

lazy-worker blog post 1

Twenty times did I phone the lady during office hours, twenty, and not a single call was answered – heck I even left two messages for good measure so that I may have a better chance at a return call tomorrow (Friday June 9 2016). After a week of frustration and annoyance, couldn’t I get a success here instead of yet another brick wall?! Half this universe deserves to be put to the torch – the inhabitants with it. Luckily for them, our world doesn’t value efficiency anymore, and people take their sweet sweet time in getting things done. This is why Canada lags behind other nations, this is why people tend to watch results of their efforts turn up months later – they put efficiency last and are all lip service.


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