“I noticed you called several times…”

Yes lady, I did call several times – twenty-two to be precise. I called that many times because your office closes at 4:30pm, and it was 2pm – do your bloody job! Now of course the lady sounded surprised; the typical PR voice and face was presented as I answered the phone after calling again today (once this time). Now if the lady did her job, I wouldn’t have to call twenty-two times, if the lady did her job I wouldn’t have to stop my business in the bathroom and answer the phone (what can I say, effort is required when looking for work – it was mostly finished anyways (humor intended)).

lazy-worker blog post 1

How stupid do you think I am lady? You think I do this crap for fun – that I enjoy being strung up after months of searching for work? Take your Starbucks Latte and choke on it, it’s all you’re good for these days.


I wonder if I’m just swimming through a river of poor luck – after all some people tend to be able to respond quickly whereas others not so much. Why is it that these worthless workers get in while people who take their duties seriously and so on are left out in the cold without a head? The answer is probably because these idiots can sweet talk their way in, OR they went to some “convention” on how to – uh – “perform various favours for the boss… (humor intended).” This is a serious problem; I understand that there are not a lot of jobs for everyone, and indeed it is a sad reality that unemployment can never truly be eliminated, but how is it that efficient, hard-working folks are being squashed by incompetent monkeys who can flash their hair and enter through the door as the employers stand there with rose-tinted glasses – their appetites satiated for the moment. A true sickness that needs to be cured, otherwise our organizations are doomed.

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