Titanfall 2!!!!!!!!!

So I missed the EA press conference – thank the Emperor for video recording! Today after watching the Xbox press conference, I went back to watch the recorded EA press conference specifically for a few games, and oh boy was I happy to see Titanfall 2. Long story short (and also because I’m pressed for time) there is a singleplayer campaign; the titans look refined, and it seems much has changed since the outbreak of the war.


First off the titans (by the sounds of things) have gone semi-sentient – this could add a new layer of AI-pilot interaction previously not present in Titanfall as the AI was primarily more of a VI (Virtual intelligence rather than artificial; cannot think independently), and thus had pre-determined programming that made it behave a certain way. Now that the war has been raging for quite some time, it seems both titan chassis and AI have improved to give the pilots greater lethality on the battlefield.


All I can say is I am happy to see these changes to the game, but I will miss the rudimentary look the titans had in the first game – I like seeing the belt of ammunition get sucked into the chaingun rather than a drum magazine with no action as it is hidden beneath the magazine shell. Regardless, E3 is here, and let us drink in the propaganda as the week goes on – don’t forget the reality pill though, otherwise if a game fails to live up to the hype, it will be a nasty aftershock.

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