E3 2016 so far.

PS4, Xbox One (or in this case Xbox One S), Ubisoft, EA, Bethesda, and the other video game goodness that is present at E3 this year. Wow there has been a lot of stuff to look forward to, though I am somewhat overwhelmed by the flood of shooters that have been announced as of late. Sure I want a Titanfall 2, Gears of War 4, and so on, but it seems that this year in particular the market is set to drink in more-than-usual when it comes to shooters. Titles announced apart from the ones mentioned above include (but not limited to): Battlefield 1, Quake Champions, Prey, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, and a few others that I have not had the chance to view in the press conferences.

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This year around I have not had the chance to watch the press conferences through 100%, and I did skip a few bits like the areas where they talk about sports games – I have no interest in sports both in gaming and in reality apart from Blood Bowl (which is more fantasy football from Games Workshop than actual sports, but anyways). The time I have available to watch the presentations is somewhat limited, thus I want to concentrate on the games that were of interest to me – I did however keep track of items not on my list like the new Legend of Zelda. The vast open world presented in the demo on Tuesday (during the livestream) was incredible – the art style was gorgeous to say the least and it looks like it could be a very fulfilling experience if one were to invest in Nintendo’s machine in order to play it. Heck I would put down some money for that game; what other title out there lets me (without mods) use a chicken leg and a jar lid as a weapon and shield combo? Yes readers you heard what I said, I want to use a chicken leg as a weapon and a jar lid as a shield – I know exactly what I want in this world, and none of you can stop me (next game, indie or triple A, should let me play as a city watchman in a fantasy setting where I get to solve serious and not so serious crimes – that would be amazing).

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For Honor was another title I am excited for, though I am going about this with a bit of skepticism as games in the past that spat out hype like it was poison inside of a soda drink have disappointed the audience with their failure to live up to expectations, or even present a finished product. While I am enjoying E3 and all of its glory, I will be cautious going forward as to not fall into the hype sinkhole and see my money flow out of my pocket only to watch it catch fire and a pile of volcanic ash comes forth to be presented as the gift I had paid my hard-earned money for – let us not get burned, ever.


Anyways folks that’s all I wanted to say for today – have yourselves a good rest of the day, and I shall see you all next time.

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