Calling them stupid won’t help your cause.

Britain has voted to exit the EU, and what I see on Facebook disgusts me. Sure some people are upset at the UK leaving the EU, but to go to the extent of calling them: “stupid,” is certainly a new low for these supposed educated people who – if they were on the opposite side of the spectrum – demand the same respect that I demand for the voters of Britain now.


Sure the economy may suffer, but should a child be forced to live with their parent (abusive or not) for the sake of economic stability? What about an abused wife who relies on the husband to pay the bills? Plenty of posts and supposed articles called the British: “stupid” for making the decision to leave the EU, despite the fact that many of these sites would fight for free speech, democracy, and the will of the people.


Based on this display, it would seem that the only “democracy” they want is the one they – and only they – can drum up. People cannot be controlled like subjects, they must be respected like citizens, given equal say in their future, and given a chance to forge their own destinies when they choose to do so. Calling them stupid, arrogant, ignorant, xenophobic and what have you will only hurt your argument as the voters have already decided what to do with their country and their government.

There is not a soul on this earth that claims independence is easy (well, none that I know of anyways). Yet I think Britain will do just fine – I need to have hope for something in this world given the bad news of lost jobs, unheeded job applications, declining economic prosperity for younger generations, and so forth. YOU may dislike Britain leaving, but do not deny that back in school it was taught that all opinions are valid, whether YOU believe it or not – keep your insults to yourself, for there is no consensus on whether or not this particular action is utterly brain-dead. Feel free to draw correlations however you like, but correlation does not equal causation – I’m sure your brains aren’t utterly incapable of remembering that bit from your classes, despite how much alcohol you threw back in your university days.


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