The King in the North!

Spoilers below (Game of Thrones) – reader discretion is advised.

Episode 10 was a lovely conclusion to the 6th season of Game of Thrones. Indeed all the so-called loose ends of the season were neatly tied up and the season went out with a bang. Beginning in Winterfell, there were a lot of scenes echoing back to Eddard Stark (Ned Stark) with lines such as: “we cannot fight amongst ourselves” bringing back memories of when Eddard was speaking to his youngest daughter in King’s Landing. This bit was a very nice touch as it reminds us of characters long dead inspiring those who still live on and have yet to face greater challenges that lay ahead.


The scene where Jon was proclaimed King in the North was truly something special (also an echo to a past character Robb Stark). That moment when Lady Mormont rallied the northern lords to proclaim Jon as King in the North sent a swell of pride across the audience on my end as we witnessed the coming of a new age for the north – though this could be short-lived as we all know by now with Game of Thrones: “hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.”

game of thrones season 6 the king in the north


Now I will skip over the massive green explosion and focus on the forces in the east finally setting sail for Westeros. Indeed I am looking forward to seeing full-scale war in season 7 where the Unsullied absolutely annihilate the forces that oppose them; after all the Unsullied have taken on Dothraki riders back in the past and have successfully defeated them (though suffering a good number of casualties). Imagine ranks upon ranks of Unsullied fighting as one cohesive unit against – say – the Lannister army where every soldier – though uniformed and what not – fight as individuals rather than as a unit. The thought is indeed most appetizing – we shall see how season 7 unfolds next year.

daenerys-fleet-game-of-thrones blog image 1

Yet season 7 is still a ways off from now – let us enjoy this moment of hope as we witness Daenerys sail west to re-conquer her family’s holdings, and Jon Snow proclaimed King in the North by the lords who gathered at Winterfell in that moment. With how things go in Game of Thrones, moments like these ought to be cherished as they will soon be swept aside by disappointment and the victories of characters we all hate the most (well, some of us anyways). Thanks for readings folks, and I shall see you next time.


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