The Xbox One sale: top five games?

Yes indeed folks there is currently a sale going on for the Xbox One on their marketplace, so without further delay allow me to present my top five games (largely because I have no interest in lengthy lists, and also because I want to be able to discuss each title without making this into a university thesis). Just a heads up before we continue, one of the titles will be a 360 backwards compatible title just so you are aware of it and not thinking: “what the, this is a 360 title!!”

Gears of War 3, 67% off with or without the season pass. Good title, I had lots of fun with it on both the Xbox One and the 360 – bear in mind that this is an old game and so it will start to show its age. However with that said, the community is still somewhat alive (at least more alive than Gears of War Judgement), so you should be able to find some games to join in. Should you have been the ones to have avoided this title for this long for whatever reason, now is the time to exploit this 67% off sale price.


Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag, 60% off. This game is a nice breath of fresh air when it comes to Assassin’s Creed. While AC: Rogue is still one of my favourite Assassin’s Creed games, Black Flag is definitely something I prefer over the recent additions to the franchise mainly for its age-of-sail combat and the wide-open exploration of the Caribbean (though there are some areas that are out of your level, so be aware that you could die very easily on those spots). Another old title as well, but this one was a re-release (I think anyways) for the Xbox One, so it is somewhat “shiner,” if I may be allowed the phrase, when compared to – say – the 360 version or the PS3. Feel free to check it out when you get the chance, it is a good title that shan’t be avoided.

assassins_creed_4_black_flag_big blog image 1

Dragon Age Inquisition, 60% 0ff. This title was an interesting experiment for me on the Xbox One. While I enjoyed watching the cutscenes and exploring the various branching story arcs, I cannot help but feel as though the game restricted my freedom of movement to certain areas due to the leveling mechanic in the game. Sure Witcher 3 has a leveling mechanic as well, but I could go to Novigrad simply by saying: “(insert something colourful here) your checkpoint boy, imma swim to Novigrad!” Yes the guards shot at me while I swam, but I made it! Soon after I wandered Novigrad a bit before I was slaughtered by some sewer creatures, and later some gangsters who were level – like – 16, and I was 8? I died and had to go back to Velen to lick my wounds – a shameful display! After that, however, Inquisition does feel a lot smoother than Dragon Age Origins, and a whole lot more free than Dragon Age 2 (even though I actually liked Dragon Age 2). With the game having all of its DLC released and all the bugs ironed out, now is the time to jump in and explore yet another giant open world (though more akin to instanced areas like Guild Wars 1).


Far Cry 4, 60% off. Definitely (for me anyways) a lot more enjoyable than Far Cry 3. While the tropical island areas of Far Cry 3 were fun to drive around in, and pirates were a lot more entertaining to shoot at than generic dictator-loyal soldiers, Far Cry 4 offered something to me that Far Cry 3 did not; Crab Rangoon. That’s right folks, the short Easter egg ending was a selling point for me as when I finished installing the game the first thing I did was go through the Easter Egg ending because the actual game can wait – I wanted to side with the purple suit dictator of this far-off country. Game play-wise it is about the same as any other Far Cry game; lots of guns, freedom of movement, lots of wildlife, and flamethrowers – there is also the MP 34, a side-loading SMG that is surprisingly fun to hunt wild animals with (bows are for stealth wannabes). If you have put off buying this game until now, feel free to jump into the madness that is Far Cry 4 – regret it or not, user experiences may vary my dear readers.

FAR-CRY-4 blog image 2

Nice, we are finally at the Witcher 3 with a good 50% off for the game, or 33% off for the game and season pass. This game has taken hold and simply will not let go. Now before this game I was an avid fan of Skyrim, and to an extent I still am. Yet the world that is in the Witcher 3 is absolutely beautiful (more so than Skyrim in its current state), and it has taken so long for me to explore just the base game alone – playing a ton of Gwent probably didn’t help the cause. Now with Blood and Wine opening up a new province to explore, I have even more work ahead of me if I want to see every corner of the game that is offered to the players. Combat in the game is fluid, and the story line will leave you wanting to save the game before certain conversation sequences so that you may see the outcome of your actions as you branch off on different paths. This game is an absolute treat, and a gamer should not deny themselves this feast lest they fall into a cycle of bitter resentment and soon turn to the ruinous powers of Chaos (this has no relation to the Witcher universe whatsoever so just take it as it is my good readers).

Witcher 3 blog image 1

That’s it folks for this list of games to check out on the Xbox One marketplace sale. Feel free to get any or none of them – the purchase decision is entirely in your hands. Now if you will excuse me, I shall play some Red Dead Redemption before lunch, and hopefully NOT get trampled by bandits along the way (also Red Dead Redemption was released as a backwards compatible title today (Friday the 8th of July), 7 dollars Canadian, so you American readers down south will get it for less most likely). Horses man, they are the only mode of transportation that is viable in these universes of ours (well, okay AC 4 Black Flag has tall ships but shhhh, shhhh, shhhhhh don’t talk anymore little dove, this is my blog, remember?). Take care folks, and I shall see you next time.


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