Well what can I say about Toussaint – it’s great! After waiting for about half a day for the expansion to install, I was brought to the wonderful southern province of Toussaint. Upon arrival the first thing I was greeted by was lush green valleys and endless sunshine – there was also a giant because that is how the expansion opens when you arrive in Toussaint (after you help two Knights-errant kill bandits in the north).

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The expansion is an entirely fresh experience for Witcher 3 players as it is far removed from the horrors of the north – the war, famine, the endless depression that grips the north. Toussaint is blessed with nutrient-rich soil that produces some of the best wines known around the world. The place is also relatively peaceful, and while there are monsters and creatures, the Duchy is protected by Knights-errant who ride around rescuing people and fighting monsters in an intriguing display of chivalric virtue and honor. There is also the Ducal Guard who serve as Beauclair’s main defense force as well as the Duchesses’ personal guard – there are some Ducal guardsmen roaming the countryside, but they’re probably more along the lines of territorial scouts and light defense.

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Thus far I have dived into the side quests of Blood and Wine, and I can honestly say they are a lot more intriguing than the side quests available in the base game – from recovering bronze testicles to helping end a dispute between two vineyard owners, there is something for avid fans of the fantasy genre to be found in Blood and Wine.


Now I shall return to Toussaint and continue aiding the Knights-errant scattered across the province in their quests against bandits and monsters – away!


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