Enough with the Pokemon Go bashing.

Alright, I need to get this out there – some people really are oxygen thieves. Now I’m no fan of Pokemon Go; I just grew out of Pokemon after grade 4. Yet despite this I never – NEVER – negatively commented on those who play the game – it’s their hobby, just like my hobbies are war gaming and firearms collecting.

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Yet despite this, I still read about how some balding malcontent out there is all upset at how young people are roaming around the city on a nice sunny day catching imaginary Pokemon on their phones. Some even go as far as to comment: “gee, the US politicians/Canadian politicians are the most corrupt they have been in ages, there is a coup in Turkey, and yet all you people can talk about is (colorful language here) Pokemon.”


Hey Mr. Goose-step, you dislike people having fun – you dislike people going outside and enjoying their city the way they see fit in a safe and responsible manner? Eat a pile of dog droppings freak, eat it and choke on it. You think sitting in a bar, drinking OVERPRICED CRAFT BEER AND SWIPING ON TINDER is any better? How about speeding on the highways, risking the lives of people around you for the sake of impressing the girl in the passenger seat who is probably fearing for her life more so than actually enjoying the experience – you call that responsible fun?!


“Hey Writer, what about sports? If they’re outside, they should play sports, not Pokemon Go!!” Yes, like throwing a ball into a receptacle is anymore or any less enjoyable. I dislike sports – I believe physical exercise should involve some bayonet and sword drills on top of some running, push ups, and the whole nine yards of fitness training. Yet you do not see me out there telling ball players to get bent, do you now? People have options on what sort of physical activity they do outside – sports, walking, Paintball, it’s always their choice.

I have had it with people bashing a game that has thus far brought joy to millions of people, and has given Nintendo a good boost in revenue. Do us all a favour and grow up – hobby-bashing is an utter waste of time.


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