End of the week.

Hello folks,


Figure I’d throw this piece out onto the blog just so that you know what has been going on with this particular writer. Thus far I have had little in the way of inspiration to write these past few days, and up until now the time available to write as well.


Lately I have been spending a bit more time on the Xbox One, and the titles I have been rotating frequently through are Witcher 3 Blood and Wine (specifically) and Battlefield 4. Now I would be lying if I said I did not touch any of my PC games; Bad Company 2 has made a comeback onto my rotation per se but only in a particular way – I run M1 Garand loadouts only in that game. The way I figured it was if this game offered a unique rifle that no other Battlefield title that is presently live offers, why should I dip into the other more commonly available firearms when I can use this unique piece of equipment to give my game play experience that added spice? With Battlefield 4 I have access to a whole array of bolt-action sniper rifles and fully automatic machine guns (I play support mostly) – with Bad Company 2 all of that exists except for the M1 Garand which is Bad Company 2-specific.

bad company 2 blog image 1

Now you and I both know that there are plenty of World War 2 games with the M1, but Bad Company 2 is – at least to my knowledge – the only modern military shooter that features this rifle. Think of it as a fantasy come alive – this aging relic put back into service for a military outfit that is looking for firearms to add to their steady but dwindling arsenal. Somewhat romanticized, but if it gets the inspiration to use it going then it does it job well.


Give it a try folks if you have not already done so with Bad Company 2, it’s well worth the effort. Just a note though, you may need to adjust your tactics in-game for the rifle as it will not match the enemy’s rate of fire in most cases. Until next time this has been the Writer, and I shall catch you later.


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