MTG Eldritch Moon pre-release and initial fleet engagements with SW Armada.

Well folks this is a rather late post, but I figured better late than never. Few weeks ago I went to the Magic the Gathering Pre-release for Eldritch Moon at my local hobby shop, and I have to admit the cards released in the set were pretty good.


While I lost almost every match I played in (not the least bit because the people I played against liked to build decks in which they could manipulate some mechanic to allow them to win in two turns per se), I have to admit that the pre-release set was relatively well put together. Thanks to the set, I now have my first D20 die, or a life counter as the players termed it. The event was packed, and there were a ton of people attending which made for a good evening. Still, I don’t think I will ever be attending another one so readily and so soon as these events tend to be fun up until it starts to look grim – a good mix of wins and losses would be better than a string of defeats that stretch farther than a raceway.


Moving along, I picked up a copy of Star Wars Armada to add an instant, ready-to-play wargame to my collection. The initial fleet engagement was quite refreshing as up until this point I was going through a very long dry spell of little to no wargaming – my Warhammer 40,000 army has sat idle for over seven to eight years, and my Age of Sigmar force has yet to be tested. Now the decision to dive back into wargaming was spurred on by a couple of Youtube channels that focused on wargaming, and after seeing Armada play out in some battle reports I decided it was time to sign on with the fleet.

Star Wars Armada blog image 1

Mechanics-wise the game is very well put together. A lot of the bookkeeping that goes into wargaming – wounds, damage, etc – is taken care of on the base of the models via sliding and rotating cardboard dials that need to be assembled onto the base. This way players can easily keep track of damage and units moved making the game run a lot smoother than other titles which require a pen and a sheet of paper in order to record damage. Indeed I am very excited to play another session this weekend as this game is definitely needed in my life to enable my return to my true interests in the hobby fields – the fleet awaits.


Perhaps I will cover a few of my engagements in a sort of epic tale per se to see if you readers like it or not. Should the series work out, I might even do the same for my Age of Sigmar force, and where applicable my 40k army. Until then folks, enjoy the weekend and I shall see you next time.


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