Fleet action round 2.

Well that was a good session of Star Wars Armada this past Sunday. Certainly the first match when I initially acquired the game was a loss as the enemy managed to destroy all of my fighters while I had done minimal damage to the squadrons, this time around the Empire triumphed over the reckless and undisciplined Rebels.

Star Wars Armada blog image 1

After a quick refresher on the rules, we dived right into the action with your dear writer – myself – playing the Imperials, and my friend playing the Rebels. Turn 1 saw the Star Destroyer deploy down the center of the field with the two sets of fighters (six fighter squadrons total) escorting on the flanks. The Rebel fleet split itself up with the corvette and frigate taking the left and the right side of the board – the X-Wing fighters took the center. Turn 1 saw no combat as none of the forces were in range.


Turn 2 saw the Rebel fighter engage the TIE squadrons; we lost one in the engagement. Both enemy warships opened fire at the Star Destroyer, but the corvette was unable to damage the Star Destroyer. The enemy frigate, however, took the shields down a couple notches. Afterwards the Star Destroyer returned fire, damaging the enemy frigate with the shields on the side dropping to zero and the hull taking damage.


Turn 3 saw the enemy fighter squadrons take out another two TIE fighter squadrons, but not before losing one of their own to combat. The enemy corvette continued to fly past the Star Destroyer, thereby rendering it of no threat as neither ships were in range of one another. The Star Destroyer fired upon the frigate, damaging it some more before the end of the turn.


Turn 4 saw another X-Wing squadron go down, but at a loss of two TIE squadrons including a hero squadron, leaving only one squadron to tangle with the X-Wings which outnumber it, and the Star Destroyer itself. The Rebel Frigate took more damage, bringing its health down to one – the corvette was still flying away from combat but a command token allowed it to reduce speed.


Turn 5 saw the last TIE fighter squadron die in battle, while the enemy frigate exploded after a good toss of dice from the Star Destroyer. The enemy corvette finally turned around in an attempt to return to combat, while the hero X-Wing squadron managed to do a single damage to the Star Destroyer.


Turn 6 was the last turn, and here the Star Destroyer kept out of range of the corvette, while the X-wing squadrons took pot-shots at the capital ship, but not doing enough damage to take it out of the game. The final tally afterwards was a victory for the Empire as the frigate was worth a lot of points, and added with the two X-Wing squadrons was worth more than all the TIE fighter squadrons combined.


This concludes the battle report for Star Wars Armada, thank you all for reading and I shall see you next time.



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