Funny spelling for “Ruby,” but it is a creative title I will give them that.


Greetings folks; figure I would write something akin to a review for the series Rwby as thus far I am quite entertained by how the show has progressed, and hopefully with this I can convince some readers to check out the series on Rooster Teeth’s site, or on Youtube – both of which are free for the viewer.

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A friend of mine introduced the series to me, and initially I was hesitant – I had some bad experiences with Anime/Anime-inspired shows having suffered through the Gundam Seed series which hosted a truckload of teen angst and all sorts of nonsense that made me walk away from the series entirely. Fast forward nearly a decade, and here we are with a show that is not Anime per se but is inspired by the genre – Rwby, a show about a young girl and her team as they venture through the academy system to become Huntresses and go out to fight evil creatures known as Grim.


Now for those of you who have seen the seasons of Red verses Blue where they hosted a ton of animated fights, the fight scenes will have the iconic Rooster Teeth high-flying characteristics built right into it, and hands down it is some of the most impressive fight scenes available to this day. Combat in the show is fluid, and I like the cell-shaded animation style over most conventional Anime in which they feature more of a pencil-drawn format so to speak. The art style I quite enjoy, and that serves as a positive point for my scales.


Now the show is not without drama – there is a bit of that with the main cast interacting in said fashion. Yet I find that there is less of the teen angst drama and more of the “mature” material, so to speak – there is humor and there is heartbreak, so it balances out well. Character development is present, so they do grow and mature unlike some shows where they remain virtually the same – a pity given how some of the shows in the past showed great promise.


Going into Volume 4 (season 4) I do have high hopes for the show – they even got the voice actor who plays Cortana to be the villain this time around so things will get interesting. Ultimately where the series is going heading into season 4 it is shaping up to be a very exciting story arc that viewers interested in genuine storytelling ought to check out. Rwby ladies and gentlemen, a good show indeed – thanks for reading folks, and I shall see you next time.

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