Incompetent recruitment procedures.

I recall back when I signed up with the Army Reserves, how frustrating it was to wait and wait and have to go through so much paperwork for a part time job that did not even pay as much as someone working at a coffee shop. Yet I did this with the sense of duty in mind; that I had to contribute to a greater cause. I failed in this regard, not the least bit because I ended up quitting after a year and have sat there biting on my frustration ever since.


Now here we are, nearly six years later, and I wish to rejoin – seems easy, right? All that work and record keeping should make it easier for me to sign on with the army again. Well that is entirely wrong, and not the least bit because the system in place is even worse off than it was six years ago. Wait times from what I have read online are almost four years, FOUR YEARS TO BE INFANTRY!?!?!


Sure you can argue that they have a lot of papers to process, but is the nation not taking its national defense seriously? Do people actually work in these departments anymore, or is it all automated with regards to collection, and one pencil pusher sits there sifting through three candidates per day when the list keeps on growing? How embarrassing folks, how embarrassing indeed.


Normally I would call upon the political leaders of this country to act, but forget it – national defense is like exercise to them, an after thought. Well I want to vent it all right here then, as there is no other place to vent – I want to let people know just how inept the system is at processing recruits and getting them into training so that we can meet our defense quotas. Indeed the Defense Department is even worse than some private sector employers who you expect behaviours such as never calling, or losing your papers, or even taking years to process and application, and by that time you found work elsewhere (so much for expediency). Come on people, you have healthy, willing candidates who wish to rejoin the Forces, and yet the system fails them in that they take forever to process, or this is incorrect or that is incorrect – nothing is correct, why don’t you just take a lighter to the papers and forget it!! Every time I hear the reports of how they fall short of X-amount of recruits each year, I no longer look at this as a call to action – I see this as a failure to act on part of the government to better recruit new candidates.


Forget the propaganda that the statistics branch spews out, and forget the lip service the commanders spew about how we are seeing shortfalls in recruitment – you are the ones who are taking no action to address this, and as such you should suffer from your own sins. The rest of us, we’ll keep waiting – thanks for nothing.


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