The annoying re-organizing of Data with the Old Republic Launcher.

There are moments where a game causes frustration – these moments can be easily rectified with a break and analysis of what went wrong. Then there are games where the problem is persistent; a live game that is meant to be supported by the developers because there is new content coming out regularly – it is a living, consistent revenue stream for them. Yet they seem to lack the interest (or initiative) to fix their launcher, and as such the end user suffers as a result.


This problem is of course the Old Republic’s launcher program.


Now you all know from a year or two back that I adore this game – great experience, and great setting. Yet now, here in 2016, I have had it with the launcher and late last night uninstalled the bloody title in an effort to avoid further waste of time and energy. The launcher keeps going into “re-organizing data mode” (as I like to term it) and takes forever to finish BEFORE going into patching mode, and the subsequent updating of data files – this can take an entire day. Now normally I would leave my machine on overnight to do such things, yet with the frequency of how many times I have had to re-organize data for the game I do not want to wear out the internal components of the computer and be forced to buy a new machine to replace something that was broken by user error and or poor judgement.


The game always does this; hell there was even a time when the launcher even failed to update, and I had to reinstall the ENTIRE game – that is 30 gigs of information gone in an instant, and all because whoever developed this program failed to fix it when called upon to do so by the community.


Why is it that a game like World of Tanks – launched immediately as a free to play title rather than transitioned into a free-to-play like TOR – can provide an excellent launcher program with smooth updates and excellent flow of information? Thus I have tossed TOR into the storage compartment for the time being, and am going to focus on titles that – while updating is necessary at times – can provide a smooth flow of information which helps us get to the game play portion of the day faster, I am not waiting another day to play one game anymore. Good night TOR, go over to the corner and think about what you did.


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