“Competitive pay” is a fancy way of withholding information.

Anyone else feel that when you look at a job posting, the words: “competitive pay” usually equates to just two or three dollars above minimum wage? The experience on this end thus far with said statement is when a job posting does not disclose how much a worker makes per hour it is a trick to lure them in for an interview before they slam on the details like: “no benefits, no vacation time, no pension, oh and let us not forget that we could lay you off tomorrow and you would have only worked a day.” The “competitive pay” label is utter tripe, and does not accurately reflect what they say – their pay isn’t competitive, after all why should they make it competitive when the competition does not even bother to fight back (improve pay rates, benefits, etc to attract workers – they follow the same run-of-the-mill wages as the rest of their forsaken industry)?


Workers are being cheated when they write: “competitive pay” under salary/wage offerings; they are swindled out of precious time and energy all because some idiot in charge of company recruitment does not want people to look at the physical number, the actual number a worker will earn, and say: “no thanks, the other job posting seems better.” Imagine if a shop did this with their prices: say a can of soda listed as: “competitive price,” rather than 1.50. People would flip tables and throw flaming torches at the shopkeeper for engaging in such a practice, yet we allow companies who hire people get away with this? Now don’t even give me the excuse of: “profit margins,” or “the company needs to make a living too ya know!” Well then, don’t hire so many people, simple! Should a company find that their work force is sufficient to meet present and future needs, they should stop hiring. This way, people will not be given false hope, and the company will be able to move on in its life cycle and earn some cash – everyone’s happy in the end.


“Competitive pay,” more like: “come work for us for peanuts and chicken feed and don’t complain about it – you signed up so suck it up.”

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