Monday musings. The Coffee Break 22 August 2016.

Hello folks and welcome back to another coffee break for the 22nd of August 2016 – figured I’d write another one just for the heck of it. After all it has been slow for content on this blog as of late, so there must be something published soon lest readers forget about the wonderful Thoughts and Topics (like you would remember us anyways (humor intended)).


Over the weekend I had the chance to play some more Star Wars Armada, and after suffering a humiliating defeat a thought popped into my head; I need corvettes (well, after looking up the ships available this morning). The Raider-class corvette on offer seems to be the perfect fit to tackle those pesky rebel fighters – with 2 shields all around, and decent anti-fighter batteries it seems like the perfect answer to my problem of fighters bombing my Star Destroyers. Now some of you may ask: “what about your TIE fighters?” Well the fighters have limited use, and while they can be good at intercepting the enemy fighter squadrons, the Imperial fleet’s strength lies in their capital ships – the firepower and shields it can bring to bear is something the rebels lack, hence their reliance on faster, cheaper but lightly armed vessels and their X-wings.

Star Wars armada blog image 1

Moving along, I recently reinstalled World of Warships and have begun my operations on the high seas tackling enemy battle groups wherever they may appear (it would seem that fleet fever has reached a new height). One noteworthy engagement in particular was when I was working to unlock the tier 3 American cruisers and battleships – this ship was the Chester. After taking it on a few matches I realized that this ship suffered from the M3 Lee syndrome, that being it performed very poorly in-game.


One engagement had me square off against another Chester, and my initial thought was: “if I fired on him first and continued to land shots and keep up the pressure he will eventually sink.” Thus I lined up my guns and opened up on the enemy Chester, and to nobody’s surprise it took the hits but remained afloat. Then I tried again, and again – still no change apart from some basic damage hits. The enemy Chester at this point noticed me, and opened up on my vessel, doing a bit of damage here and there. Eventually the opposing Chester turned and came straight at me, which at this point I was stopped in the water attempting to kill the enemy warship as quickly as possible (also to stabilize my guns for better accuracy). They came straight towards me and reduced speed, all while exchanging shots with me, and when they neared my vessel they turned to face parallel to my cruiser. Yet this was not the embarrassing part; that came in the form of us sitting side-by-side exchanging shots at one another while unable to sink one another while our respective teams finished off one another on the other end of the map.

World of Warships Chester blog image 1

Sadly it took a friendly Dresden to knock out the enemy Chester; I had spent the entire match just exchanging shots with a carbon copy ship while being unable to sink it or be sunk by it – lovely. Thankfully that is all done with now and I am the proud owner of a shiny new St. Louis tier 3 cruiser and am working towards the South Carolina battleship – good days to come.


While I am enjoying the game immensely, I have a bit of a dilemma to contend with: should any of the games I have release an update patch that is over 6 gigs in size, I will be in some trouble. See the game took a good 30 gigs to install, and with only 6 gigs left on my hard drive I have run into a bit of a problem in that I have to pick and choose which games to terminate from my machine lest I run into the problem of a half-updated product with not enough space to complete it. “But Writer, why not get an external hard drive?” Right now the externals are not on sale, and with the death of my old external for my PC, I have had to re-install a lot of my most played games back onto my machine. There is a train of thought on my end that I should hold off on externals and just work with what I have as my machine is nearly 6 years old going on 7 – she’s an aging lady at this point and I will probably do better if I upgraded to a new computer in due time, which is a lot better (and cost-effective per se) than running into the store for a new external hard drive. The old machine can still serve, but the new machine will take up its post and – hopefully – have enough hard drive space to take on the games I presently own on this one (fingers crossed). That is the present strategy, but of course we shall see in the near future as I am aware that Windows 10 does not work so well with certain older titles, and this presents a difficulty as I have little interest in software that just does not work right out of the box – still it is a challenge, one that us PC gamers have to embrace as our hobby offers a greater degree of freedom than console gaming via mods. Sure it is a headache in some cases, but no one said life was not without bumps in the road. Anyways folks that about wraps it up for this issue of the Coffee Break for the 22nd of August 2016 – take care out there and I shall see you next time.


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