“I’m going to move to Canada if so and so is elected!”

Right I felt this bit was important to write considering a recent report on how Canada Border Services Agency or CBSA has seized more guns than usual from American visitors coming up north. See if you think you can just simply move to Canada because a political official was elected to office, you can think again.


First, you will arrive as an immigrant; stay here with the words: “it is my right,” without the proper paperwork and they will deport you as an illegal alien – we do that too. Second, you will be competing for jobs with the rest of us, and while you are welcome to put in your effort, again you are an immigrant to a foreign nation – you will be left out of government work, and certain jobs that require security clearances will require you to wait five years before being allowed to progress through the application process. With all that said, if you are willing to tough it out with low-end work for a few years, then perhaps there is hope for you yet.


Finally we come to the gun rights; here in Canada we are allowed to own guns, but our options are severely restricted. See you folks down south have it good, you have access to quite a lot in terms of self defense, and even collecting – we lack a lot of that up here in Canada. Thus when you decide to move up north, understand that you are not gaining freedoms, but losing them. Sure freedom of speech and free association exist up here, but “gun rights” are gun privileges up here, and self defense is stripped down to bare knuckle boxing or a stick if the attacker is also using a stick – no guns allowed on the persons for any reason (cops and armored car guards are the only ones who can lawfully walk around in broad daylight with a holstered weapon).


Sure this is probably a knee-jerk reaction, and yes they will most likely remain in the states, but just so that you are aware of what awaits you up here, please think carefully before you venture north – you will lose a valuable freedom (I am jealous of you down south with your gun rights), and you will have to suffer the life of a new arrival to a foreign land; it isn’t the same as being a tourist, and it will be a very tough few years.


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