Useless HR personnel, and the Battlefield 1 Beta: Thursday thoughts. The Coffee Break 1 Sept 2016.

Hello folks,


Well the search for better employment continues; as usual the Human Resources departments are non-existent, and worse still they will not clean up their data base when it comes to new applications for specific postings. Several new postings went up earlier today and as usual I attempted to apply to them, yet when I tried to apply I was stonewalled in the form of this message: “you have already applied for this job.” Wait, so you are telling me that my application will now sit at the bottom of the pile because YOU CANNOT LET ME APPLY MORE THAN ONCE?!?! Heretics the lot of them; burn them all at the stake and replace their pathetic, useless, lazy, coffee-drinking hides – I guarantee that if you train Silverback Gorillas to do their jobs, they can do it ten times better, and that is saying something about the evolution of our species.

lazy-worker blog post 1

Moving onto happier topics, the Battlefield 1 Beta went live yesterday, and oh man is it a good experience. The main map provided is titled Sinai Desert, and it pitches the British forces against the Ottomans in a bid to control the Sinai Desert (as written in the name). While the beta in its current state is praise-worthy, I cannot help but feel that it is my duty to list off the issues presently plaguing the game(Xbox One version):


  1. Sometimes the animations for loading the field gun will not activate, and often at times it just has you permanently sitting at aim-down-sights.
  2. The main menu is buggy in that it SOMETIMES responds correctly when you hit the start button. Often I am left to struggle with the D-pad until the menu responds, and this could lead to mistakenly selecting the “exit game” option in the menu.
  3. The reload animations are smooth, but sometimes I see the incorrect animation activate in place of what is supposed to happen. For example when you are reloading in the middle of a clip (say 2/10), usually if it was 0/10 it’s two stripper clips (think Lee-Enfield), but if it was 2/10, it’s one stripper clip plus three loose rounds. What I have noticed is when you reload, sometimes (SOMETIMES) it does two stripper clips plus two loose rounds – that’s two above the maximum that the rifle can take.
  4. Cavalry rifle animation is bugged – even when I switch to the sword it still has my model use the rifle, and shooting is awkward when you won’t even aim while on horseback.

Minor complaints, you say? Well it is a full-priced 80 – 100 dollar release, so it better be worth it. 80 dollars is a days pay for a lot of people, and 100 dollars is not even close to what many workers make in a day here in North America (Canada in particular). Either you release something well polished, or you lower the price – I can get a good deal on ammo for 100 dollars so don’t tell me that my money will not be better spent elsewhere, and that I have to buy this game.

Battlefield-1-Sinai-Desert blog image 1

World War 1 was an interesting setting for the game. Indeed the weapons featured in there are authentic, and yet I cannot shake the feeling that they should have gone more bolt-action heavy than their current approach. Sure semi-autos and primitive SMGs existed in that era, but it was a war primarily fought with rifles, with hand-to-hand in between, and a few light machine guns. This could just be the realistic/ultra-authentic experience seeker in me talking, but I felt that the semi-autos were a bit too “out of period” per se; like they were looking towards the interwar period and decided to go with that instead of purely World War 1 (regarding combat, in case you missed the point). Still, the only other game I have to play that is World War 1 is Verdun, and I’m not so keen on returning to France so I guess it’s that or nothing – at least the beta is operating smoothly, could be worse.

Anyways folks this concludes the coffee break for the 1st of September 2016 – back to school for you still attending, and as for you parents out there: FREEDOM!!! I’ll see you next time.


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