Every player is a rifleman! The Coffee Break 5 September 2016.

Hello folks,


The Scout class has a scopeless rifle – I thought I would start off with that statement. The Scout class in the Battlefield 1 beta indeed does have a basic bolt action rifle that players can use to mimic a rifleman’s equipment during the first World War (to an extent anyways). Now unless you level quickly, the Gewehr rifle is the only one that you will be using for the majority of your time in the open beta. This straight-pull bolt action rifle is quite nice as the slower rate of fire is made up for in stopping power, giving you the ability to fight people in close quarters (though you really need to hit first).

gewehr blog image 1

Several matches later I have not really felt the need to return to the faster-firing semi-autos of the medic class, whereas before I unlocked the Gewehr with the war bonds, all the other rifles available at lower levels are all attached with scopes, making it less-than-ideal for my particular play style.


Also on the list of discoveries, I finally figured out how to move the field guns; turns out you use the left thumb stick rather than the right and it rotates about as fast as you would expect a turret to rotate (imagine a full crew complement rather than a single gunner who doubles as loader). Now that I finally can rotate the gun properly, I will be able to PROPERLY defend points in rush game modes when tanks appear off to my side rather than having to abandon the gun and take cover.


Alright folks, that is about all I wanted to cover for this coffee break. Now I am aware that it is Labour Day, but inspiration strikes and I must respond – you can always read this tomorrow at work on your coffee break, I name it for that particular reason. Take care out there folks, and I shall see you next time.


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