They think they own you.

Companies think they own you as a worker – they think that because you need a job (or the present one you are working at) that you are their property, that they can make you wear a T-shirt that says: “Property of______” and that you will work whenever and wherever they want you to work. This has been the case since the beginning of labour when the industrial revolution kicked off, and it still applies today; we see it everywhere as companies ask their workers to work during times when it is supposed to be their days off, or their vacation time, and so on.


Companies often look for workers to use in this manner, hell they say: “your time off is based off of seniority” when, in reality, no one there has any sort of real seniority. They refuse to hire young people because they know they will stand up for their rights, that they will not simply say: “yes I will sacrifice all my time for your organization so that you can see your profit margins rise.” They despise this, they always hire suits to go on camera and complain about how workers in the past were better, and that their participation in the work force is more efficient than today’s workers (all the while cutting well paying positions and replacing them with positions that pay one to two dollars above minimum wage, or bring in foreign workers under government programs).


When you see jobs – decent paying jobs that pay above the poverty amount – disappear into dust and have their spots replaced by jobs that pay peanuts but expect you to work ridiculous hours you see the truth. When you see companies take their work force for granted simply by the fact that the workers need to earn a living, and that our society is still grinding away with this archaic thinking you will feel the effects – when you sift through all the applications you sent out in the vain hope that you will find meaningful employment and sink back into your chair at the 500th rejection letter or unanswered application you will know that they will never respect your rights.

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