Either platform is sufficient.

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Earlier today I took the time to read through the two major party platforms in America; Democrat and Republican. After watching the non-stop fighting and nonsense that is the presidential election season I thought to myself: “what are their platforms?” Even presidential candidates must obey the party platform as it was the party that nominated them for the presidential race, so it is largely the party platform that will determine their course of action, rather than whatever they say on stage.


First thing I noticed in both platforms was the usual; the Republicans are heavy on jobs, gun rights, religious freedom, preserving medicare, and individual rights. The Democrats were heavy on labour rights, racial tolerance, immigrant rights, green jobs, and gender rights. Yet aside from these key topics everything else was the same. Both parties favoured a stronger American economy, both parties talk of supporting Indian (Aboriginal) rights, both parties supported the military, statehood for Puerto Rico and Washington DC, lowering college costs, and both parties favour a free and open internet – foreign policy as: “America leading the way” is the same on both platforms.


This was an interesting detail to note as previously I had the impression that both parties would have more differences than common ground, and yet I find myself starring at essentially the same platform, just with 20% different ideas, different wording, and one is blue while the other is red. Thus I have concluded that at this point if a voter cannot decide who to vote for, forget the candidate and go for the platform – voting for the platform will grant you a more – shall we say – “educated” decision as the platform will be the guiding principle for the candidate and the platform will be what shapes the office for the following years to come. The candidates in the end have to follow the party, and the platform is what should be the deciding factor come voting day, not the candidate. Just thought I’d share my findings here with you folks, have a good one and I shall see you next time.


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