Strange Aliens film.

One thing I want to note here is I am not a fan of horror films whatsoever, even less so when they depict military outfits which are professional, non-conscript forces as utterly incompetent and just there to be killed off for the audience’s enjoyment.


Aliens 2 featured Colonial Marines, and from the moment they wake from their cryo-sleep I was treated to a ton of references which I think I may have discovered where Sergeant Johnson from Halo 1 – 3 comes from, along with a few Terran Marine quotes and so forth. The discovery of the roots of some of my favourite video game characters and units was quite nice, but the honeymoon ends there I am afraid.


When the marines enter the deserted colony they are utterly without observation, and their CO (Commanding Officer) is an idiot and panics when they are attacked by the Aliens who are slithering around and picking them off one by one. Alright I get it and I hear you: “Writer it’s a film, just enjoy it!” One I hate horror films so no, and two it’s like ignoring what the Nazis did in World War 2 (though not as horrendous, we are talking about a movie after all) I simply cannot throw away the fact that the marines are registered as a bunch of gung-ho hooligans with no discipline – it’s like the colonies needed a quick military force capable of rapid deployment, so they threw out the aptitude test that all enlistees and officers take, threw out discipline and lengthy, specialized training and just said: “you look like you hit the gym, you look like you have an interest in fighting – sign here and you’re a Marine.”


Now those of you who enjoyed the film and still love it keep doing that, some people like the film and some people do not. Sadly I fall into the camp of dislikes because of the fact that the marines are depicted in a way which I find quite offensive and disappointing – their professional soldiers, and sure I understand that it was just decade and a bit after Vietnam that the movie was made per se, but come on you could at least do a better job with the characters than throw in a bunch of wannabes with guns and paint them in military colours before dusting off your chair and easing back into it for the night with a glass of wine.


Soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and so on deserve a degree of realism when it comes to representation – then again I’m probably looking at it from a realism perspective – after all Aliens aren’t real (or are they?!?!). Anyways folks thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time.


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