TReO and their pricing of the Port Mann.

Right well for those of you outside of the Lower Mainland a bit of background; the provincial government in cooperation with a private company built a bridge to replace the existing bridge for the sake of: “new infrastructure.” Sounds great yes, all that new concrete and steel should make things better no? Well the company that tolls the bridge prices the tolls as such:


Motorcycles are 1.60 one way (so 3.20 for a round trip).

Cars are 3.15 one way (6.30 round trip).

Small moving trucks (5-tons, U-Hauls, etc) are 6.30 (12.60).

Commercial trucks (large) are 9.45 (18.90).


There is also a 2.30 processing fee added to the total (per trip ie: west bound = 1 charge, and east bound = 1 charge, total 2 charges equalling to 4.60 extra).


Thus a motorbike comes around to 7.80 round trip.

The car hits at 10.90 round trip.

Small moving trucks costs 17.20.

Commercial vehicles come in at a whopping 23.50 for a single round trip (commercial trucks gotta go back and forth several times, remember?).


Now there are ways to lighten the burden, and the fee isn’t given IF the driver pays before 7 days. Yet looking at the prices it is no wonder people working in Vancouver and living in Langley (or further into the valley) are up in arms over such a business model. The old bridge worked fine but the government wanted to build a new bridge so the people were stuck with it. Now there is talk of tolling ALL bridges going into Vancouver from the valley – wonderful is it not?! The problem, of course, can be fixed if the company lowered their fees – they would see an increase in traffic and people could shoulder the burden more easily. Yet will they do so? Probably not.


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