Fight’s rigged.

Disappointing as it is, the job market is rigged against young people. Earlier today I was at a testing session, and it was stacked with old ladies who already have excellent government employment, but want to change organizations for whatever reason. One lady kept asking to redo her typing test, while a younger lady was given one go and kicked from the session for failure. What is even more comical is this old 50-something potential recruit was all upset about her results, and the organization decided to cater to her for fear of hurting her feelings.


This is exactly the kind of roadblock – old folks taking away living wage jobs – that keeps young people from actually striking out on their own. Back when the babyboomers were still working (nice young and fresh) their parents were not competing against them for the same jobs, rather they were retiring as scheduled. Sadly this is not the case anymore, and because of the fact that a lot of people lost a lot of money in the 2008 financial crisis (even here in Canada) they are now struggling to save up enough for retirement; coupled with debt they have yet to pay off, a housing market set to burst, and other expenses like new bridges that require tolls and so on it makes life for those looking to retire seem like a nightmare.


This trickles down of course, young people going to school are saddled with debt, and without a job that pays a living wage they are stuck at home and unable to strike out on their own. What is even more insulting is Global TV News (a local channel here in the Lower Mainland) did an article on Millennials of which they mocked us for our current situation because they could – you don’t see people mocking homeless for being homeless, so you SHOULD NOT mock us for being in our present situation.


They are scared, scared that when they do retire (because we have been kept out of the job market via part-time minimum wage jobs sucking away our time when we could attend testing sessions to old folks looking to pad their retirement savings) we – the young generation moving up to take their places in a long-overdue manner – will be unable to pay enough tax dollars to the government for the government to then turn around and handout pension money to them. Well guess what folks, you lost money in 2008 and you want to hog the jobs to recover it – take that as your pension money and leave the tax dollars to more important things like infrastructure, childcare, military, resource development, research, industry and so on. Want more? You could always rob a bank; that’ll encourage more spending for enforcement which will create jobs, and you get free room and board via prison – win win.


Yet they are not entirely to blame; circumstance has forced them to take such a path in life, and they are just trying to survive in the end. Still, I cannot help but feel bitter at what I saw today at that testing session – the disappointment is there, and it will not disappear overnight.


The shock of a market correction regarding housing, to the disappearance of jobs overseas where labour is cheaper (ie: Royal Bank back in 2010 – 2012 outsourced their IT jobs to India and fired all their Canadian staff) to the disappearance of certain jobs in general due to redundancies will help to preserve this trend for years to come. Dig in ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be a long and grueling war – best pour yourself a cup of coffee and get ready for the rain (artillery bombardment).


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