Don’t give them up, sell them instead. A note on the BC gun amnesty from October 1 to 31 2016.

Greetings folks,


Right now the police forces of BC are holding an amnesty for unwanted firearms (or illegal firearms) to be turned over to police charge-free per se (meaning you will not go to jail for having one without a license OR it is a prohibited firearm). Now before you throw away your grandfather’s guns let me tell you of ways you could turn that around into something beneficial for someone else and/or yourself.


  1. Get your own firearms license. With this amnesty, you can hit up a local firearms safety course, get your own license, and keep those firearms in the family (never dishonour your grandparents or parents by giving up a piece of their lives that was meant for you).
  2. You can sell them to a local store. A lot of local gun shops would be happy to buy up your old firearms, and you can turn them into cash which is a lot better than having a piece of history like the 1914 Lee Enfield melted down into a frying pan or worse, end up in a policeman’s private collection.
  3. Sell them to a friend who has a license. Again, cash to be made in this scenario; you would never throw out something valuable like jewelry, so why do it with a collection of valuable guns?


Right that is about all I wanted to cover – remember that there are a lot of folks out there who would love a historical rifle from back during the first or second world war. Keep these pieces of history from the scrap heap and sell them to a local shop, or get yourself licensed and learn about them. Gun ownership is a gift, and it should never be squandered like a good meal, or a chance to make amends with your spouse (unless you plan on divorcing them, in that case good luck to you).


Final note, make sure you check the rules surrounding re-sale of a firearm in Canada: even if you have to get your license to do it, depending on the size of the gun collection you can easily recover the money lost in the licensing fees and so on – do things according to the law folks, we don’t want any irresponsible firearms owners making a bad name for the rest of us out there. Plus the gun license is an extra piece of ID to carry around – better than using your passport for simple things like 2 pieces of ID for drinks and so on. Thanks for reading folks, and I shall see you next time.


P.S. Safety first; make sure it is unloaded, and kept hidden away from the public. Make sure it is securely locked, and ALWAYS carry your license around with you whenever you have the firearm with you.



FAQ for Gun Amnesty for Oct 1 – 31 2016.


Gun safety videos.

Secure Storage of Non-restricted Firearms – Canada


Secure storage of Restricted Firearms – Canada


Legal Transportation of Restricted and Non restricted firearms


Authorization to Transport ATT explained

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