Sell them or pass them down, but don’t give them up.

Earlier I wrote a piece on how you should keep your firearms rather than hand them over to the police as part of the gun amnesty happening between the 1 of October 2016 to the 31 of October 2016 in British Columbia, and I felt it was necessary to repeat that message just in case you readers out there did not catch the previous post.


Apart from the fact that your grandfather’s old Lee Enfield will be melted into a frying pan, you are throwing away a piece of history – I am of course talking about antique firearms and military surplus firearms like Mosin-Nagants, Lee Enfields and so on. Sporterized rifles and so on can still be restored to their original state, and should not be readily cast aside for the sake of convenience.


Folks, a gun license is all you need to hold onto this piece of history, and getting it is simply a weekend course (only a single day if you are only going for non-restricted), and then it’s just some paperwork and then you are finished. History must be preserved here people, and the police do not need another set of firearms to collect – you know you will get that feeling when you throw away history like that. Sure they will send the modern hunting rifles and shotguns to the scrap heap, but the old rifles could potentially wind up in the policeman’s private collection provided he or she has a license as well.


These old rifles must be kept in circulation and must be kept on the market for generations to come – giving them to those who already have enough power over us is reckless and unbecoming of a responsible firearms owner. Keep these old warhorses and do your best to preserve them – your grandchildren will thank you for it.


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