The Coffee Break 31 Oct 2016.

Hello folks, apologies for not having a coffee break for you to read during your (wait for it): “coffee breaks,” (alright I’ll stop now – no humor you people, good lord).


What a hectic couple of weeks it has been; Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 both came out close to one another, and both offering some excellent gameplay experiences (plus or minus a few items here and/or there). Definitely Titanfall 2 delivered a more worthwhile experience than Battlefield 1; when it came to the singleplayer we know who was the dominant player in this arena. Multiplayer-wise, however, Battlefield 1 is probably where you will want to be as large scale battles are something truly special to behold, and arena-style fighting (ie: Halo and Doom multiplayer) is not as enticing in my books.


Moving along, I have resumed hunting in both WoW and Skyrim (the regular version; my machine cannot support the special edition) and I have to admit that while the task is the same in both games, the way in which it is tackled is totally different. Starting off with Skyrim, you have to creep up to your prey before firing off an arrow to kill it, and noise plays a huge role here as bows tend to make less noise than crossbows (without mods there are no guns). Contrast this to WoW where you simply wander up to a creature and shoot it before skinning and looting, one would think that Skyrim is better for a would-be digital hunter than WoW, and while this analysis is not entirely without base I am more inclined to argue that both offer some reasonable enjoyment.


World of Warcraft hunting includes more than just shooting the animal; cooking the hunted beast is one thing, and skinning the creature to sell off its raw goods is another. The atmosphere in most territories in WoW also adds to the experience as you travel from the Barrens to the forests of the Loch in the Eastern Kingdoms. When it comes to the variety of hunting grounds, Skyrim really only has the plains outside of Whiterun – everywhere else is filled mostly with foxes, wild and aggressive wolves, and giant rats (Skeevers). Sometimes the plains can get a bit boring, and often I find myself hanging around Whiterun for the sake of convenience when it comes to a marketplace to sell my goods. Returning to WoW, I can go from tundra to forest, to icy peaks for my game – the campfire works everywhere and the meat produced is absolutely delicious (I’m guessing based on the recipe names in-game, I can’t actually taste the food cooked).


Moving away from video games here, the US election is just a couple of weeks away here and things are getting quite entertaining. Now I will not go into who is better than who, that is up to you US readers to decide but it is quite laughable to see Hillary and Trump square off everyday on the news as up here in Canada the US election is covered to an extent but only the juicy bits. This got me thinking about whether or not previous US presidents and presidential candidates have squared off like this before, and after doing some digging around it would seem that it was the case. Trash-talking and aggressive campaigning are not something new in American politics, and just because this election was heated does not mean that the previous elections were smooth-sailing affairs – just keep that in mind the next time someone tries to convince you that this is by far the worst/best (depending on who you ask) election in the history of the United States, when that comes up just walk away and go grab yourself some snacks as you ponder who to elect (you will find it most enjoyable than arguing with some random fellow on the street).


The next edition of Call of Duty is coming out on the 4th of November; apparently the developers of Titanfall 2 aren’t entirely worried about having their game being released between the years’ biggest shooters (COD and BF 1), and yet EA has downgraded their stocks for that very reason that they fear their sales volumes will not be as high as initially predicted. Sure I get it, business is business and one must brace for a correction if one is to be had. Yet it seems a bit disappointing that a game like Titanfall 2 which actually turned out to be decent is being – shall we say – “demoted” all because of a perceived chance that the game will not sell as fast as it ought to be. Perhaps the corporate suits in office should set realistic goals for their sales volumes of video games so that they will actually reach them. There was one incident where a developer sold well over several million copies of a title (the Tomb Raider reboot if I recall correctly) and said it was a failure.


Failure; several million copies sold within the initial release months is a failure, what sort of amount where you hoping to sell – a billion? Did you want every human on this earth, whether or not they had a console and or the money to buy the game and television set (remember not all folks living on Earth can afford video games), to get a copy of Tomb Raider starring Lara Croft? Good lord people, this is like hearing of a teenager saying they will grow up to become a superstar singer even though they A. cannot sing, B. cannot play a musical instrument, and C. are terrible with performances on stage and have not made any efforts to improve A or B. The reboot worked out rather well so stop complaining that it only sold several million copies – not like you cannot afford to make another game you mindless (censored for the sake of children).


Season 4 of Rwby is now out on the market (well, slowly being released on a weekly basis); so far I am liking the show. Some time has passed since team Rwby was disbanded following the attack on Beacon academy, and we see our heroes now embark on individual quests of self-discovery, self-improvement, and coping with loss. Rooster Teeth has put out some really well-written stories over the past few years, and here’s hoping season 4 will live up to that reputation (more or less).


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