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When people talk about wargaming being expensive, are they really thinking about the price of said item in comparison to other hobbies? People often overlook the one interesting bit floating around out there and that is everything has a price range (I know, shocking right?). Fishing, for example, has a price range and this starts with a bucket and rod combo – you can find an 80-dollar deal on rod, bucket, and bait combos and go out there and start fishing and have a great time. However with that said on the flip side of things you have the option to purchase a 40,000.00 bass boat, a nice giant luxury boat that you can take into the middle of the lake to go fishing – for most people that’s a new car.


Returning to wargaming (our principle topic) you can start with a game as simple as Star Wars Armada – real good miniatures game where you command a fleet of warships (you only need the core game, everything else is extra) and fight naval battles against your opponent (in a nutshell). That would run you around 100.00 which might seem like a lot until you compare it to other gaming-related items like consoles which start at around 300.00 or 400.00 when first released – you are also going to need a TV and the games themselves as the consoles on launch usually do not come packaged with titles (though that has changed in recent years). Yet can you go cheaper for Wargaming while still keeping the quality of models? Absolutely, Star Wars X-wing has a starter set that comes with one X-Wing and two TIE fighters for around 80.00 – this also includes ALL the rules you need with measuring devices, movement counters, damage counters, all of it. With PC gaming (as another example) you will need around roughly 500 – 650.00 USD for a decent gaming rig that you have to build yourself, and this doesn’t include a monitor nor the games. Now the games can be very cheap if you buy them through Steam or GoG, but 650.00 USD compared to 80.00 CAD (aside from the PC example, all my dollar-points are listed in Canadian currency; just for your information in case some of you down south were thinking: “what’s with these price ranges?”) is not an insubstantial amount of money – 650.00 is a starter for X-Wing (or Armada) plus groceries, gas, and a few dinners out and a movie or two.


Now there are some of you out there who might follow the train of: “no no no, it isn’t wargaming unless I have to paint it;” very well a Warhammer 40,000 Deathwatch Killteam box set retails for 80.00 CAD, but let us include primer paints, brushes, and clippers – a starter paint set (40.00 CAD) with a pair of fine detail cutters (40.00 CAD) and a can of primer (don’t forget the glue) is about 190.40 CAD before tax. Now you can lower the price of starting the hobby by buying brushes from another company (I just did ALL Games Workshop products for this example here) and the primer can come from Army Painter which offers different colours other than black and white – so let us estimate around 175.00 CAD before taxes, still not bad compared to 650.00 for PC gaming. However with that said, PC gaming can be done from home, whereas with wargaming minis you need to either go down to a shop or club to play, or have friends arrange to meet up at your place or you go over to their place to play on their table(s) – you decide which is the better value, all I did was just provide the rough estimates for you to think it through.


There are definitely a lot more options when it comes to wargaming that can be even cheaper than previously stated; this is just an appetizer into the price points of said hobby and to really highlight the fact that all hobbies have price ranges. People place different monetary values on different items (women like to spend a ton on clothes and shoes (as a stereotypical example)) and it is up to the individual to determine if said hobby or item is worth the amount they are asking for and whether or not they can afford to buy it. Should the lowest price point be insufficient and they STILL determine it to be expensive, then perhaps the only course of action is really just to save your money. Thanks for reading folks, check out the patreon page if you are interested in supporting Thoughts and Topics, and I shall see you next time.


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