Friday, you made it. The Coffee Break 4 Nov 2016.



Hello folks,


Well here we are on Friday, the one day of the week where people are (somewhat) happy to go to work for the next day they are off (unless your “weekends” are on weekdays and you work Saturday and Sunday; were that the case rest assured that you get to enjoy Tuesday cheap movie tickets while the regular weekenders get to eat high prices and long line ups – you win some and you lose some (humor intended)). While you are reading this and avoiding work (this is how I do business folks) let us talk about sleep and over-napping.


Last night I experienced a temporary insomnia episode where I could not sleep until 2am pacific daylight time (PDT); this was frustrating because I usually am able to go to sleep at a reasonable time slot, and yet here we are sitting wide awake watching MRE videos on Youtube and wondering to ourselves just how in the world can someone function for work the next day should they suffer from said temporary condition? Then I started to analyze what might have caused such an incident; was it that I napped too long, or was it the soda I drank with dinner?


Thinking back to when I experienced similar events, it would appear that over-napping (which essentially means you slept during the day) might be the cause as I often drink soda with my dinner and am able to doze off as though I had downed a few sleeping pills. Now when you search up ideal nap lengths you will note that they suggest anything up to 30 minutes or less as to restore energy levels while not oversleeping to an extent (I’m working off the top of my head here so bear with me). This is important because if you nap past – say – the 30 to 40 minute mark you might have difficulty sleeping at night all to the fact that you already “slept” (slept as in standard 7 – 9 hours) instead of just napped. Perhaps I am wrong, perhaps my findings have some merit – everyone’s patterns and practices are different.


Moving along, I get the feeling that there is a growing number of workers out there who feel as though they are trapped in a rat race with no end in sight. This is especially true for those who work the standard 9 – 5 routine where they have to wake up god-awfully early, fight traffic just to make it to work and then after work sit in traffic (which sometimes doesn’t move for an hour) to return home with roughly 3 hours left before bed to do everything from duties (cooking/ordering/eating dinner, laundry, dishes etc) to personal tasks (writing, watching shows, gaming, painting miniatures, etc). True enough I too feel the same way, and it is in this atmosphere that I feel makes people more aggressive than they ought to be, especially on the road. When it rains heavily, people must slow down and watch out for pedestrians and other drivers – this selfish attitude of them being first over others, however, coupled with the frustrating routine that never ends as they have either children to feed or are trapped in mortgages equals fits of rage that end up negatively impacting others.


There needs to be a change in how we view work, and more importantly how work is to be completed. Currently the 8-hour routine is meant to cover 3 shifts totaling 24 hours (at least from what I can tell) but this drives a lot of people mental. Perhaps it is time for people to really look at their spending habits and lifestyle and ask themselves: “could they afford it? Could they afford to push themselves like this, and is the money earned enough to afford things that will benefit them, or it is just a meaningless circle that continues until death?”


One suggestion to change this is to implement a 4 on 4 off routine where workers work 12 hours for 4 days (each day is a 12-hour shift) and receive 4 days off (in some cases 5). This might impact businesses but more often than not they can learn to cope with it by either hiring more workers to total 7 days (4 on 4 off can overlap) or do the work themselves (after all they are the ones getting rich). Now the 4 on 4 off works for police and fire departments (at least here in Canada) as they rotate their staff, but some businesses like to have Saturdays and Sundays off (people too) and this is where it falls apart as the 4 on 4 off routine rotates through the week; thus some weeks you land on a Saturday or a Sunday off, while other times your days off are during the week itself.


I recall France implementing a law a while ago (almost six years ago, roughly) that mandated that businesses must close after a certain hour – thus forcing 24 hour shops to shut their doors so workers can go home. This sort of forced practice might not go over so well in North America due to political pressure from business owners, but it is also an idea worth putting forward to the political elite via letters to your representatives.


Workers should not be mistreated in a fashion as to turn them into money earners for a said business. Yes I am keenly aware that businesses need to make money – that is in their nature. Yet I find that if the workers are brought in with the sole idea that they are helpers rather than company property (which could be said for factories back in the day – the idea that workers should thank their employers for low wages and long hours was prevalent among the upper classes at the time) that they tend to have better relations in general. Food or thought, or just rambling; either way I hope this has proven to be an interesting read for the day. Thanks for reading, feel free to check out our Patreon page if you wish to support us, and I shall see you next time.


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