Monday…. grrrreeaaaat….. The Coffee Break 7 Nov 2016.



Hello folks,


I know it’s Monday, none of you want to head to work this morning but life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows – unfortunate but such is reality. Regardless of that fact I am here to provide you with an interesting read as you surf through stuff that is not safe for work, and of course read my blog posts because that is how the world works (read it or I’ll turn you into paste! (humor intended)).


Call of Duty Infinite Warfare’s campaign was quite something – a mixture of Battlestar Galactica with a hint of Destiny here and there. Multiplayer, sadly, is about the same so I will not touch on that subject there; I want to focus on the campaign and I will put a spoiler alert below with these symbols [ ] just so you folks know when to resume reading.




[Now the campaign features Kit Harington here and there and while the commercials made him out to be this “super-awesome” villain in the game, in the end he was only physically there for a moment before you off the guy (Kit Harington is known for his role as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones). Essentially how it goes down is he debuts in the first mission, and then appears in video images in-game to your character before you board his capital ship and knife him in the jugular and then take control of his ship to attack Mars (the home of the Settlement Defense Front).]


[End of Spoilers.]


Now the game itself – as stated earlier – feels a lot like Battlestar Galactica as when you enter space to engage enemy warships you tend to feel like a Viper zipping about dispensing justice against the Settlement Defense Frontier (SDF). Ground combat will feel about the same as any other shooter set in a science fiction setting, and unlike Titanfall where you get to call in a Titan you are just a ground pounder who happens to also captain a starship.


The space battles and the (what appears to be) the option to choose your missions as to where to attack in the solar system and so on make this campaign one of the more interesting campaigns that Call of Duty has produced to date. The transition between cinematics and in-game visuals is smooth to the point where you will hardly notice the switch, and one other neat little bit is when you return to your warship you always witness the runway sequence where a drone is launched to latch onto your ship in order to guide it into dock – this bit of detail gives the experience a more realistic feel (well, about as realistic as a Sci-Fi shooter can get).


Overall I am liking the campaign, and if you were planning on going through the campaign and skipping the multiplayer then the game might be worth checking out – though you may want to wait for the price to drop a bit or go on sale as it does go on sale more so on consoles than PC.


Mass Effect Andromeda looks to be an interesting experience; the cinematic reveal trailer just came out and I was quite entertained with the approach to the campaign. Now re-watching the trailer over and over, it appears that your ship has reached the Andromeda Galaxy but bad things go down and you appear to be stranded on a planet (or a series of planets) that appear to be home to a sentient machine race similar to the Reapers. These machines do not appear friendly as the trailer has the Andromeda crew – a nice mix of every species from Mass Effect – constantly fighting to survive against these machines that want to (one would assume) kill and dissect the crew to study them for weaknesses. The game is slated to be released next year in the spring so it isn’t far off; how nice that after the new year we get two Sci-Fi titles headed our way (the other being Halo Wars 2). Now I will put a link to the trailer below so that you folks can watch it for yourselves and make up your own minds as to whether or not you wish to keep track of the game and eventually purchase the game – I will wait until it is actually released to make my decision then as pre-ordering a product I have absolutely no idea whether or not it is going to be good seems a lot like gambling to me.


That about wraps things up for this coffee break; feel free to check out our Patreon page should you wish to support, and I shall see you next time.


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