How to squeeze out time for yourself. The Coffee Break 17 Nov 2016.


Often we are stuck with our daily routines of work and commuting wondering how on earth do we squeeze out time for ourselves? Indeed I too know the feeling of not enough time and too much to do (or want to do); work is unavoidable lest you end up homeless and penniless, and most jobs demand at least five days a week. There is no way to avoid this cycle, but that does not mean we have to surrender our spare time for the sake of the cycle.


First tip on the list is budget your time – pretty straight forward. Alarm clocks (or alarm clock functions) are real handy in helping to keep track of time. Knowing how much time an activity takes can go a long way towards budgeting time in to do other things; sure it may feel rushed, but you can expect to get more done when you know how many minutes it takes to cook that burrito.


Second tip is avoid time thieves. Plenty of people out there will often ask you to do this because: “it’s only a small favour.” Well those favours will turn into big favours – the slippery slope argument holds true here. Always fight for your time, avoid doing things for people that have absolutely nothing to do with your end goal – sure it is selfish but if it isn’t a civic duty or a vital function then it isn’t important.


Third tip, cutting commute times. Exercise if often associated with the gym, and people fall into the trap of: “a gym is the only place to sweat.” Sure the gym has more equipment, but do you use every single piece out there? Also, how do soldiers train when they do not have access to a fancy gym with 400 lb plates and the fancy squat-thingy that helps them squat, bench and row all in one? Simple, they chop down their equipment to the bare essentials and set up a gym on base – when you deploy you cannot bring an entire gym with you into the theater of operations. Therefore if soldiers can train with minimal equipment in the field, why can’t you train with the same philosophy but at home? That 15-minute commute to the gym could have been spent on a set of planks, push ups, squats, and high jumps – all tossed in with warm up and stretching. Plus you will save money as there is no juice bar at the end to tempt you into spending money – two birds, one stone.


Fourth, simple recipes. Cooking is vital for us to eat well, but that doesn’t meant you need to make an oven roast every day. Simple recipes that taste good and give you fuel are all that you need; after all soldiers live off of MREs, and you have access to a kitchen so make use of it. Large quantities to last a few days, and simple yet healthy options are the best way to save time and get a round of Call of Duty in.


Fifth, easiest commute route. No need to bob and weave through traffic – throw in a soundtrack and relax. Sure saving time is great, but with the home gym routine and simple meals you will have plenty of time to enjoy yourself at home. Make sure you get home safely via an easy route as getting into a car crash takes up MORE time than if you simply took that extra ten minutes to cross the bridge.


Sixth tip, power on the machines you want to use. PCs, consoles and so on require spin up time, and leaving them on all day is only useful if you are installing a massive game via digital distribution. Spin them up so they will be ready when you are ready – otherwise that 45-second spin up time can cause frustration when an update is then listed and you have to follow through.


Seventh tip, make sure to sleep. Nothing wastes time more than a tired mind procrastinating. Sleeping well means you can enjoy the time you have rather than wasting it surfing and trying to decide which title to play.


Final tip, ensure it works for you. Should something within the routine fail to help you make use of time (ie: it is a time sink) chop it out. Either chop it out or relocate it to a day when you have time to do said activity – nothing worse than running out of time on a particular task.


Save time, do more – now CS:GO awaits and it is time for me to depart. Thanks for reading, check out the Patreon page if you wish to pledge support, and we’ll see you next time.


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