I still like Battlefield 1… The Coffee Break 23 Nov 2016.


Hello folks;


Let us be honest here, it’s the bayonets that has me hooked on Battlefield 1. Yes I know the complaints from the more critical analysis crowd: “too much one man army nonsense! Too little realism! Why am I a space marine in world war 1? Where is the teamwork?!” Well from a critical standpoint I tend to agree, the game lacks any sort of authentic interpretation of World War 1; Italian campaign, you are encased in thick plate armour and are using a mounted machine gun to mow down Austro-Hungarian soldiers in the thousands. Moving over to the tank missions, the infantry advance first in the campaign BEFORE the tanks thereby negating the entire reason as to why they were conceptualized and built (good job there folks, way to go for historical accuracy).


Yet bayoneting enemy soldiers in BF 1 is a lot like in Gears of War 3 and onwards (retro lancer specifically as a chainsaw bayonet cannot impale an enemy on the end (mechanical difficulties)), you build up distance and charge the enemy and stick them with the bayonet – pretty simple. Due to the relative ease with campaign I opt to bayonet my enemies over shooting them half the time which is kindof allowing me to live out my fantasy of close quarters fighting and gun battles; kind of like how Gears of War 3 and onwards allows me to do just that.


Being a game and all, one can argue that it was never meant to be realistic, and you may be right in this regard. While DICE have made it clear that their theme was world war 1, they never promised that the game would be ultra-realistic unlike Verdun where they seek to deliver a pseudo-realistic experience to the player. Right now I have mixed feelings; I know the campaign is utter nonsense, yet I cannot help but enjoy the bayonet action as I lunge at enemy number (I’ve lost count now – too much charging and stabbing) and impale them on the end of my rifle (or shotgun, shotguns have bayonets too). Plus with the Black Friday sale on Xbox Live marketplace I have managed to get both Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 for 80.00 CAD – I call that a win, wouldn’t you?


Now this of course is the reason behind my lack of writing over the past couple of days. Let us be honest here people, sometimes we just need to gear up, fix bayonets, and charge the enemy positions in a blaze of glory – in Titanfall 2 it is time for us to channel our inner Samurai and mount the Ronin Titan for some good old robot verses robot action; kind of like Power Rangers back in the day, only with less exaggerated movements and more: “stick sword into enemy and finish them off.” Anyways folks I will conclude this piece here before I go on rambling endlessly about nothing – have a good one, check out the Patreon Page to support the war effort, and I shall see you next time.


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