Absent for almost a week, wow! The Coffee Break 28 Nov 2016.





Battlefield 1, oh man is it a fun game to sink hours into playing; this title is mostly responsible for a lack of articles over the past week as I have been sinking my time into playing that game – the other culprit for a lack of articles is Titanfall 2.


This has got me thinking that I should try and livestream the gameplay for the sake of livestreaming it – who knows I may even be able to turn it into a source of revenue to support my writing habits. Sadly in this day and age with the mountain of rejection letters from various employers and so on I have to look to other means to pay the bills – this is the reason why I have a Patreon page, and this is why you guys keep reading: “support us on Patreon” after every article. Not going to sugar-coat the details, I just want to be able to turn this into something that can support me – maybe not make me into a financial superpower per se, but enough to cover gas, food, and save up a little; I hate to travel so forget that, and games I can wait until they are on sale (ie: the Battlefield 1 Titanfall 2 bundle).


Now going into paid work, let us talk about all those Youtubers who are successful on that site; for every famous Youtuber there is a good 50 to 100 out there who has less than 500 subscribers (or hovering just under a thousand – all predictions and estimates by the way) of which Youtube will not give them revenue. Many folks try and make Youtube into a passive income source, and I can’t blame them; stocks are unreliable (another term for investments – something you hear so much about on websites geared towards younger people about the need to invest here and invest there), jobs seem to be few and far between, and the ones you do get are low wage part time gigs that demand odd hours thus cutting you off from going to interviews or attending seminars lest you get fired and even that small amount of money you relied on is gone and you end up penniless thanks to the mountain of bills and their lawyers who can go to court to have your assets seized (bills are related to the company, and the company can afford expensive lawyers while you cannot).


Readers, the fact is many of us need to stand on our own two feet, and if that means trying to make a blog successful to just scrape by then so be it – at least I am pouring my time into something meaningful and trying to perfect a craft. Plenty of artists out there struggle to perfect their craft, and should they succeed things work out in the end – false hope or actual working evidence of holding out in order to win a war; you be the judge of that.


Moving on, Titanfall 2 seems to have some connection issues on my end. Presently whenever I spin up the game it seems to want to spike in terms of ping; I have no idea whether it is my connection specifically as all other titles like Battlefield 1 and Gears of War work splendidly on my connection even with my computer running and all tabs open with Youtube videos – could be the servers on their end are unstable, but I manage to get kills nonetheless. The ping spikes are just annoying as rubber-banding here and there takes it toll on you, makes you feel frustrated as that kill wall-bounces and mows you down like a hog trapped in a cage – endless frustration that makes the game near unplayable and hence the reason for Battlefield 1’s dominance on the: “most time in” scale (though I really wanted BF 1, and Titanfall 2 was a kind of: “nice to have.”



Alright that’s about it for today’s coffee break; feel free to check out the blog’s Patreon page if you wish to become a supporter, and I shall see you next time.


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